The Brain Stimulator tDCS Device w/ Electrodes – $90

The Brain Stimulator Version 2.0

What you will receive:
The Brain Stimulator tDCS Device
    Now with selectable current ranges of 0.5mA, 1mA, 1.5mA, and 2mA
(4) Sealed, Medical Grade Self-Adhesive Electrodes
    Not recommended for use above 1.5mA
Device uses one 9 volt battery (not included)
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Electrode Positioning Headband – $4.00

Blue Headband
To assist in securing electrodes, and to allow you to use the electrodes long after they lose their self-adhesive properties.


Extra Electrodes (one 4-pack) – $4.99

(4pk) Self-adhesive Electrodes
*Not recommended for use above 1.5mA


Extra Electrodes (three 4-packs) – $12.99

3pk of Electrodes
*Not recommended for use above 1.5mA

To learn more about our selection of adapters, please see our Choosing Electrodes page.

Alligator Clip Adapters (for use with sponge electrodes) – $6.00

Alligator Clip Adapters_smlr      Alligator Clip Adapters w: Sponges_smlr
*Sponges not included


Amrex Sponge Electrode Adapters (Gold-Plated banana plugs) – $12.75

Amrex Banana Plug Adapters      The Brain Stimulator with Amrex Sponges

*Amrex sponge electrodes not included


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Disclaimer: This kit is sold completely as-is. We make no promises or guarantees. You must understand that this is not a professional medical device. The Brain Stimulator has not been reviewed or approved by the FDA. The Brain Stimulator does not claim to diagnose, assist, treat, cure, or prevent any medical condition or ailment. What you do with this kit is your sole responsibility. We are not doctors and are not providing any recommendations of any kind with the sale of this kit. Consult your physician regarding tDCS before attempting anything. Do your own research and use at your own risk.