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  • Stimulation of the right entorhinal white matter enhances visual memory encoding in humans
    While deep brain stimulation has been successful in treating movement disorders, such as in Parkinson’s disease, its potential application in alleviating memory disorders is inconclusive.Objective/Hypothesis: We investigated the role of the location of the stimulating electrode on memory improvement and hypothesized that entorhinal white versus gray matter stimulation would have differential effects on memory. ... read more
    Brain Stimulation Journal FeedPublished on 2020-12-02By Emily A. Mankin, Zahra M. Aghajan, Peter Schuette, Michelle E. Tran, Natalia Tchemodanov, Ali Titiz, Güldamla Kalender, Dawn Eliashiv, John Stern, Shennan A. Weiss, Dylan Kirsch, Barbara Knowlton, Itzhak Fried, Nanthia Suthana
    1 day ago
  • Can low-intensity tACS genuinely entrain neural activity in vivo?
    Transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS) was introduced about a decade ago as a non-invasive brain stimulation method to modulate neural oscillations in a relatively safe manner in humans. However, the possibility to induce genuine neural entrainment with low current intensities has been questioned. In a recent study, Johnson and colleagues provide direct evidence for the efficacy of low-intensity tACS to induce neural entrainment in awake monkeys. These findings have important translational implications for human non-invasive neuromodulation research. ... read more
    Brain Stimulation Journal FeedPublished on 2020-10-08By Valeriia Beliaeva, Rafael Polania
    2 months ago
  • Endovascular deep brain stimulation: Investigating the relationship between vascular structures and deep brain stimulation targets
    Endovascular delivery of current using ‘stentrodes’ – electrode bearing stents – constitutes a potential alternative to conventional deep brain stimulation (DBS). The precise neuroanatomical relationships between DBS targets and the vascular system, however, are poorly characterized to date. ... read more
    Brain Stimulation Journal FeedPublished on 2020-10-04By Clemens Neudorfer, Kartik Bhatia, Alexandre Boutet, Jürgen Germann, Gavin JB. Elias, Aaron Loh, Michelle Paff, Timo Krings, Andres M. Lozano
    2 months ago
  • Reducing variability of perceptual decision making with offline theta-burst TMS of dorsal medial frontal cortex
    Recent evidence suggests that the dorsal medial frontal cortex (dMFC) may make an important contribution to perceptual decision-making, and not only to motor control. ... read more
    Brain Stimulation Journal FeedPublished on 2020-10-04By Lina Willacker, Marco Roccato, Beril Nisa Can, Marianne Dieterich, Paul C.J. Taylor
    2 months ago
  • Strategies to mitigate impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on patients treated with deep brain stimulation
    In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, 160,000 patients worldwide who have undergone deep brain stimulation (DBS) are now experiencing critical treatment disruptions. These include patients treated for Parkinson’s disease, dystonia, epilepsy and essential tremor as well as for psychiatric disorders, like treatment-resistant obsessive compulsive disorder and Tourette syndrome. With many hospitals overburdened [1] and the potential for community-based infection still high (and increasing), shifting to various forms of telemedicine DBS care has become part of a necessary “natural experiment” to mitigate risk for infection and continue care throughout the pandemic. ... read more
    Brain Stimulation Journal FeedPublished on 2020-09-30By Kristin Kostick, Eric A. Storch, Peter Zuk, J.S. Blumenthal-Barby, Laura Torgerson, Daniel Yoshor, Sameer Sheth, Ashwin Viswanathan, Arjun Tarakad, Joohi Jimenez-Shahed, Wayne Goodman, Gabriel Lázaro-Muñoz
    2 months ago