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Electrode placement approximation.

I am new to tDCS. It seems to me that most of the guidelines on cathode/anode placement assume that you are measuring to find the “vertex” on your head, then finding the other focal points in reference to this point. The actual measuring and plotting of these points seems like it would be difficult to do alone. I am making an assumption that a significant number of people are just “winging it”, and approximating their placements.

I am curious to how important an “exact” placement is. I do not know much about electrodes, or how electricity tends to travel through the tissues and bone into the brain. I am saying this from ignorance, yet it seems like it would often be difficult to have pinpoint accuracy on an area. It seems that there would be some errant electrical charge that would flood to other areas of the brain.

Since most people seem to be getting positive results anyway, it is it the case that it is okay to proceed without exactitude (yet with as much care as possible)?

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TDCS – Personal Experiments & First Hand Journal

Hey everyone,

I recently bought the new TDCS traveler device and wanted to test it out and see what all the hype is all about. I have researched TDCS for probably over a year now and think its time to put the device and all the questions to the test. I am gonna conduct experiments and track my progress. I am no way an expert and suggestions + new ideas are welcome. Just gonna wing it and share my findings. I am also going to be waking up 2 hours earlier everyday in order to fit this into my schedule. Not sure if this will have an effect on me yet, but will let you know.

My goals: Here are few areas I would like to test and see if I can improve with the help of TDCS.

  1. Focus
  • I am an entrepreneur working on multiple software projects + personal inventions daily and find myself having a hard time focusing on one task at a time. The brain is overloaded with info and can’t keep focused for long periods of time. I find myself distracted regularly, multitasking too much and not achieving what I feel I am capable off. The older I get the worse its getting. These results will be hard to track but I will see what I get done over the next 30/60/90 days with the help of TDCS.
  1. Improve memory + learn as much Spanish in 3 months as I can.
  • One of the main reason I am trying TDCS is to see if the brain can actually store new memories faster and allow for faster recall. This is extremely important with language learning. I will be doing the language learning with some Spaced Learning (if you not familiar with it, check it out. Pretty interesting reports on it.)

  • TDCS + Spaced Learning for Spanish. I will try and spend 30-60 minutes a day learning Spanish. Disclaimer: I am originally from Poland, English is my second language and Spanish will be my 3rd. I took it in high school and failed miserably. I know a few words, its pathetic. I have spent the last 15 since graduating high school telling myself that I could not learn Spanish. Old dogs can’t learn new tricks kind of mindset so this TDCS challenge will be very interesting.

  1. Advanced Learning
  • For this section I have chosen to pick up CHESS regularity and see if I can really improve my game. I understand the game and have fun playing it but I get my ass handed to me the second I play anyone with some skills.

  • Process: 1st Learning all the opening by watching tons of videos. (remembering them and recalling them by name) + (all the variations of openings)

  • Goal: Improve my score, hopefully 1500-2000. I am currently starting with a brand new account so my score is 1200. The last account I started over a year ago went down to about 650 after 30+ games. As you can see, I am not that great of a player. Hope fully that change.

  • I will be playing on under the name marcinDTLA if anyone wants a game.

If you have any questions, suggestions, tips, tricks, new TDCS placements, etc.. I would really like to hear what you have to say. This is a new journey for me so any help is greatly appreciated.

I will try and post updates regularly.

Lastly, if you have other test you would like me to conduct with the TDCS device or other brain hacks. Shoot over a message and lets chat.



p.s – I am fairly new to Reddit, tips are welcome.

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Anyone using tDCS for Pain?

A friend of mine suffers from debilitating chronic pain, so I finally decided to do some thorough research into tDCS’s potential to treat chronic pain. However after reading through several studies it appears the results are fairly inconclusive, and meta-analyses usually claim no substantial benefit whatsoever.

Regardless of the studies, I am aware that some individuals use tDCS for pain, so I wanted to ask if there’s anyone on this sub reddit who uses tDCS specifically to treat pain. If so, what type of relief is experienced from using tDCS? Can you compare it to say taking an Advil or even prescription pain management medication?

Any comments on the subject are welcome. Thank you!

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Does Trans-Cranial Magnetic Stimulation work by concentrating blood flow?

I found this study that said we can use magnets to affect capillary blood flow. Does that mean we’re exerting a force on the iron in blood enough to essentially cause swells of traffic? If so, is this how Trans-Cranial Magnetic Stimulation works?

I’m assuming of course that if you concentrate blood flow into specific parts of the brain, you’ll also concentrate activity.

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