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  • By any chances are there any sales for a Thanksgiving?
    Just wondering. I've been interested in either the SSD or Apex Device for some time and I guess since it's around that time of Thanksgiving/Black Friday, I was just wondering if there's any discounts or sales. Hoping so! By the way, I'm really confused with some of the reviews on some of the products Caputron. It's clearly a bad review yet the person still gave it a 5 star. Kinda throws the overall product rating off when someone says something like it's complete garbage yet rated it a 5... submitted by /u/tDCSNewbie123 [link] ... read more
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  • Flow is a medical grade headset and therapy app designed to treat depression
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  • Great Explanation of How to Collect Neural Signals from the Brain
    Super cool blog post detailing different methods to collect neural signals. Including genetic indicators, neuropixels, ECoG, EEG, fMRI, and others: submitted by /u/Neuraltechie [link] [comments] ... read more
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  • electrode placement
    I am planning on trying the F3 FP2 montage at 2ma for 20 min. for 1-2 weeks. Two questions: Electrode placement by eyeballing or measuring scalp with tape and 10-20 EDIT: I found a 3-D model placement guide on I have looked thru research papers and 1-2 weeks is what I have found on treatment time frame, although not much info and nothing mentioned on follow-up ​ ​ ​ submitted by /u/guynewhere [link] [comments] ... read more
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  • Are skin burns or marks inevitable?
    I really would like to purchase a Tdcs machine for its benefits, specifically I am looking into the activadose 2, but I am very concerned about skin burns or scarring or marks that can be caused by the electrodes. I would like to know if people have never had any issues with anything like that as I have seen too frequently that I am comfortable with in posts that people have had issues with this. If you never have had any issues what exact steps are needed to ensure no issues with damaging, permanently or not, skin from ... read more
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  • Can Stimulating the Brain Treat Chronic Pain? — News Room
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  • Cathode & Anode side by side
    Hi there. I just got my Apex and want to use it for chronic pain. The two most common montages for pain are 1. Anode on motor cortex and cathode on contralateral supraorbital, and 2. Cathode on sensory cortex and anode on contralateral supraorbital. Because one montage calls for the anode on the motor cortex and the other montage calls for the cathode on the sensory cortex (which is right next to the motor cortex) would it make sense to just put them side by side? Or have the anode on the left motor cortex and cathode on ... read more
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  • Tpcs 6-10 or 1-5hz?
    Hello, could you explain me why in this study they found that 6-10hz enhance alpha wave power and coherence way more then 1-5 hz, but in all the study on cognition they used 1-5 and not 6-10 which would likely enhance even more cognition? submitted by /u/painkillerrr [link] [comments] ... read more
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  • T3-T4+ Montage
    Hi tDCSers, I've been using the T3-T4+ montage for about 3 months and I was hoping to hear about your experiences with it. I tried DARPA as well but I didn't feel that it did anything for me. When I first tried T3-T4+, shortly after, I felt that I was able to read better. Specifically, I could read faster and I felt like I could comprehend things more easily. I'm a little worried about the long-term effects of inhibiting the left hemisphere, so I'm especially hoping to hear about long-term T3-T4+ users' experiences and whether they experienced ... read more
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  • Glitching. Can anyone help?
    Why is happening? Been using my device for over a week (its new). Put it on a few moments ago beginning my session on 2mA and within 6 minutes I’m having that weird glitching. I turned it town to 1 however I just want to know how normal is this? Do I go down like I did because I’ve done it at this voltage every day without that glitching. Have you experienced this? How do you handle it. Thanks submitted by /u/dreaminginviolet [link] [comments] ... read more
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  • The Beam F3 System – Easier Way to Measure than the 10-20 System (includes free software)
    The Beam F3 System discussed at ncbi site shows an easier way to measure to find F3 location. The F3 location is a common location used for the Anode for a depression montage. This Beam F3 System uses 3 measurements - reference a PDF at this link. Targus to Targus - See Pg 18 Nasion to Inion - See pg 29 Circumference - See Pg 9 Download the software at this link. It will takes these values and shows you where to make the placement. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ submitted by /u/CDRChakotay ... read more
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  • Best montage for depression?
    In your personal experience, which montage has helped most with your depression? I have been doing the left DLPFC, right supraorbital placements but haven't noticed a huge difference in my symptoms. I am aware of the different placements but I'm curious as to what others have personally experienced, and which montage you have found to be most helpful. submitted by /u/JMP_2203 [link] [comments] ... read more
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  • Omni stimulator
    Hey guys I’ve never used reddit before and I just got my Omni device. I’m having a hard time finding forums and feedback from individuals who have tried tDcs and their experiences so I thought I would sign in to see if I can read up on what people think of this approach. This is my second time using it and today I started off with 2mA on my device (yesterday I started with .5 for 5 min and then went up to 1 for another 5. It’s kind of an itchy feeling slight prickles. It says duration ... read more
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  • Motor Cortex Stimulation for Chronic Pain
    Hello there, I just received my tDCS device and have some questions before I begin using it. It seems like, from nearly every study I've read, that chronic pain is treated by placing the anode on the motor cortex (C3) and the cathode on the supraorbital region of the opposite side of the head. I'm going to be using it for chronic neuropathic jaw pain, and I was wondering if I should place the anode a bit lower than C3 to target the jaw area of the motor cortex (see here) or if I should use the conventional ... read more
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