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  • T-Vns and Flow Experience
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  • V2 Electrode Set up
    I got a v2 and I am trying to figure out the electrode configuration. I read that the electrodes can be set up through the device but I am unable to find it. Focus help team has not been helpful at all. I have the gamer headset and I am trying to figure out which one is the anode and which one is the cathode. Anyone know? submitted by /u/4ootnoot [link] [comments] ... read more
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  • ApeX Type A 18V vs SSD 12-24V
    Hello, ​ I'm a longtime lurker here and I interested in getting into tDCS. Since I'm new and not skilled with tools, I would like to purchase my first tDCS device, ideally under $160. I want to use my device to improve focus, learning, reduce the need for sleep, and into the "flow". I've narrowed down my search to between ApeX Type A 18V and SSD 12-24V. Does anyone have any experience with them? Thanks! submitted by /u/staylor1490 [link] [comments] ... read more
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  • For anyone who has ever attempted to return a fisher wallace stimulator, did you end up receiving your check?
    The 5 weeks to receive the check seems suspicious to me. I hope it isn't a scam. Thanks so much in advance submitted by /u/imchineseHi [link] [comments] ... read more
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  • No more TES from DARPA?
    Latest Reddit tDCS PostsBy /u/redidtsmith
  • Weeklong tDCS and meditation retreat with Shinzen Young!
    Join the Monastic Academy this November for a very special retreat with Shinzen Young at our beautiful location in Lowell, VT: This retreat will be perhaps the first ever public meditation retreat offering Neuromodulation with tDCS devices. The effects of tDCS seem to map directly to the core themes in mindfulness: Enhanced ability to focus (this seems to relate to the concentration piece in of mindfulness) Enhanced ability to detect signals against a noisy background (this seems to relate to the sensory clarity piece) Enhanced ability to deal with pain (this may be related to equanimity) The ... read more
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  • +F3 -FP2 causing me drowsiness and prostration on the long-term
    Guys, I have been using tDCS for months with the montage +F3 -FP2, varying the intensity and duration of the sessions. Reddit is being a constant source of information for me 🙂 I suffer from depression, anxiety, phobias and a little of OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder). What ALWAYS happens is as follows: At the beginning, my depression and anxiety reduce significantly. Sleep also improves a lot. Over time, I begin to feel prostration, lack of proactivity, fatigue, daytime drowsiness. Then I stop the treatment, and when the visible effects of tDCS disappear, I restart the sessions and the cycle ... read more
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  • Any place in particular for shoulder placement?
    Like the top? The side? Been looking for pictures but no avail.... submitted by /u/TrashIsland_DrMoreau [link] [comments] ... read more
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  • GitHub – TMSuino/TMSuino: A do-it-yourself low-cost arduino-based TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) device
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  • v2 screen won’t power on – what to do?
    I just got my v2 out for the first time in months the other night. It powered up OK after recharging and worked for a while. On my next attempt though it would buzz when I held the power button down, but no options showed up, so I was kind of out of luck. What can I try to get this thing back up and running? submitted by /u/incredulitor [link] [comments] ... read more
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  • Is there anyway to tell the cathode from anode?
    I purchased an apex type A 18v tdcs device and there is the two inputs and colored cables but when I look at images online sometimes the red and black are swapped on the same device. You can easily unscrew the red and black caps that are on the device and switch them. I was just wondering if there is any way to test which is which to make sure I'm using the device correctly? submitted by /u/Vileath2 [link] [comments] ... read more
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  • Activadose tDCS Device and Starter Kit – For those interested in the Activadose device for tDCS here is a video highlighting what is included in the Activadose tDCS Starter Kit as well as a quick overview of how the Activadose device works.
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  • I built a free Android app to easily listen to the common binaural beats in one click.
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  • What would be the best montage for learning 3d animation?
    I've decided to devote a lot of time into learning maya and 3d modeling. I have heard of the DARPA montage. Would it help me with my goal? is the placement shown on this site correct? (As I saw some complaints about this website) submitted by /u/EmpiricSpirit [link] [comments] ... read more
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  • Your experience with tDCS
    Hi everybody! I am in collab with my co-student writing my master's thesis on the use of tDCS. In that respect, we would love you to spend 5-10 minutes answering our quesitonaire regarding your use of tDCS, your experience, how likely you are to recommend it and so forth. It would be great help. We are not doing this research for any company or organization, but simply out of our own interest in tDCS and cognitive enhancement in general. We will be greatful if you would take the time to participate.! Thanks in advance!