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  • Please join us in redesigning the tDCS experience
    Hi everyone! I am a medical student starting a project on tDCS at Harvard. My research partner, @mentalwellnessgeek is an electrical engineer. We both are firm believers in the potential of tDCS. Our goal is to make this important technology more welcoming. We would like to talk with people who use -or have used- tDCS to hear their thoughts on the devices, the electrodes, and the overall experience. We would love to know what worked, what didn’t, how you found out about the technology, your discovery process, and what ideas you have for improvement. Please send ... read more
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  • Suffering from MDD, close to doing ECT, but want to know more about tDCS
    I have been languishing under depression for 2.5 years now. Nothing I've tried has really helped. My psychiatrist wants me to undergo ECT but I want to make sure I've exhausted all my options before going down that route. I know I could spend a lot of time researching this sub, but I was hoping someone could help get me started by answering a few questsions. Is there any solid evidence besides anecdotes that tDCS alleviates depression and gets it into remission? What device would I need to buy? Where do I place the electrodes on my skull ... read more
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  • v2 tdcs device
    Hi there, I was trying to update the firmware of my headset but unable to find the software anywhere. It doesn't seem to be on the website. I was wondering if anyone could help. I also had a query about which ends of the headset are anode and cathode. I believe anode is left and cathode is right but I had no effect with using montages with this configuration. I tried the other way around and it seemed to help. Is it possible right could be anode and left cathode? Just one other query, when start ... read more
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  • Montages for reading
    I've been exploring more articles on NCBI. It seems there are quite a few montages that have been tested, but haven't made it onto the lists we see on the usual montage lists. Here's one article which conveniently discusses several montages for reading ability. You don't have to actually read the article because there's a convenient table half way through that sum up all the montages, their settings, and results. Not all the montages that were tested showed improvement, so take note of the "results" column of that table. Notice that different montages had different effects on reading. ... read more
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  • Using a tens unit to stimulate the vegas nerve?
    This seems to have come up in the past.I am interested in using a tens unit to stimulate my vegas nerve for PTSD relief, insomnia, and anxiety. I've looked in PubMed and was surprised to not find anything, as I know it's been used in the past. Any ideas? submitted by /u/Notmycircus79 [link] [comments] ... read more
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  • Best High End Device 2019 ?
    I began my TDCS journey about a month ago using the braindriver. Now I'm convinced, TDCS is indeed...awesome, highly effective, and fascinating new interest of mine. TheBraindriver 2.1 was decent however it's a relatively basic, beginner type unit- & I don't know if I trust the whole 'digitally automated' current although admittedly I haven't gotten a meter to check. I simply want to cut to the chase and get a fully featured high end set up- my research has led me to these options... All conveniently found at this link: What I'm weighing out- The ... read more
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  • Brain Simulator or Halo Sport 2?
    I've had my eye on getting a Brain Simulator to start trying tDCS, but the Halo Sport just came out with a new version and is now quite affordable at $299. Does anyone have any experience with the two who would like to compare? Obviously the Halo Sport is a little more... presentable... but what about the experience? submitted by /u/gmdagdbc [link] [comments] ... read more
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  • tDCS Treatment in Germany
    I am very interested in tDCS treatment, but it seems to be not very wide spread in Germany, at least not in Berlin. Does anyone know about my options? In case there is no medical treatment available, I would be glad to achieve a device, if this is possible. submitted by /u/ferenjito [link] [comments] ... read more
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  • New to TDCS
    I am brand new to this! I just bought a device off of Amazon. Can anyone try to teach me how to do it? It seems kind of complicated! I am suffering from a concussion and post concussion syndrome. I am extremely light and noise sensitive submitted by /u/Oceans63 [link] [comments] ... read more
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  • Depression Montage – Negative effects
    I have used the montage below and it helped. The last couple of times using this I experimented depression and anxiety. I am at the point I am considering discontinuing using the device. Maybe I need to look at flipping the montage (Anode to right?) Anode: Left DLPFC (F3) Cathode: Right Supraorbital (FP2) submitted by /u/CDRChakotay [link] [comments] ... read more
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  • Newbie Questions
    Hi All, I just ordered the TheBrainDriver v2 in hopes that it will help alleviate some of my general depression and anxieties (nothing major but mostly stress induced). I've been in traditional therapy for a few years now but I still can't relax and enjoy life most days. I plan on starting off with the +F3 -Fp2 at 1.0 mA for 20 minutes. I've heard some people have had better results with the +F3 -F4 setup. How long should I stick with a montage and output setting before I can determine it's effectiveness? If I'm able to find ... read more
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  • Those of you with ADHD or general anxiety, what montages works/do not work for you and with what settings?
    I apologize if I narrowed down my question to only those above. But given the vast amount of montages, time spent on them, different mAh setting as well as using different polarity, I feel you can wander around ages looking for certain answers. For me, ADHD together with anxiety makes every single minute feel like a constant makes it easy to get discouraged from doing even the most "simple" thing... medication does not work so I will keep experimenting with tDCS and would appreciate any experiences from the guys above! ​ My own experience ADHD: I ... read more
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