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These professional 3×3″ electrodes are made by Amrex Electrotherapy, the industry leader in tDCS sponge electrodes. They are made from a high-quality rubber material, contain a conductive metal mesh backing, and feature replaceable sponge inserts. Each pair is sealed during the assembly process to ensure quality and cleanliness.

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Amrex Professional 3×3″ tDCS Sponge Electrodes are arguably the best sponge electrodes on the market, and are preferred by many tDCS enthusiasts. Amrex Electrodes use only the highest quality materials, and are comprised of a cellulose sponge with a stainless steel metal mesh backing, enclosed within a thick, rigid, rubber casing. These electrodes are the industry standard for sponge electrode based stimulation.

You may want to consider adding replacement sponges to your order. It’s a good idea to replace your sponges regularly to ensure you receive the best results and the most comfortable tDCS sessions.  While you can use sponges more than once, we recommend replacing your electrode’s sponges as often as you can. Optimal results can be achieved by using new sponges for each session.

Looking to save some money? We recently introduced discounted replacement sponge subscription plans so you will have plenty of fresh sponges on hand when you need them.

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  1. Jaine

    Worth the money. I prefer these over the new silicone electrodes. Amrex uses a rubber-like material that doesn’t grab and pull at your hair like silicone.

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