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Professional 9 Volt Battery for Precision tDCS

Duracell Procell 9 volt Battery Perfect for Precision tDCS
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What’s The Best Battery for tDCS?

Meet the Duracell Procell Professional 9 Volt Battery. This little well kept secret is designed to be most powerful and longest lasting 9 Volt battery available. Boost your tDCS device’s performance with this industry leading power source!


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Duracell Procell 9 Volt – The tDCS Battery

We searched long and hard to find the best performing 9 volt battery for use with tDCS. Not only will this Procell battery last longer than your standard off-the-shelf battery, but Duracell juices these babies up with additional voltage. In the first package we received, we tested all 12 batteries and came up with an average rating of 9.62 volts! Furthermore, Duracell only ships these batteries Brand New, meaning they never let them sit on a shelf. Every single battery is stamped with an expiration date, and we got our hands on the freshest lot available. Furthermore, these batteries are rated with a 7-year shelf life!

Wondering why you’ve never seen this 9 volt battery in your local store? That’s because Duracell only sells this Professional Alkaline Battery in bulk quantities, for industrial applications which demand optimal performance. These batteries are built to be tough. They are made for professionals who settle for nothing but the best, and Procell batteries always match the highest standards. Each Procell 9 volt battery has a whopping capacity of 565 mAh (milliampere hours). That means you can pop them in your tDCS device, set it to the highest 2mA setting, and it’ll run for over 280 hours!

If you want your tDCS Device to perform to it’s full capacity, there’s no battery better than the Duracell Procell Professional 9-Volt Battery.


Additional information

Weight 1.6 oz
Dimensions 1.04 × 0.69 × 1.83 in

Duracell Procell Professional

Battery Chemistry

Alkaline Battery

Minimum Voltage

9 Volts



1 review for Professional 9 Volt Battery for Precision tDCS

  1. Oswald Flynn

    Excellent battery with a great price. It seemed like it lasted forever. I’m buying 4 this time so I can use them around the house.

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We recommend using Alkaline disposable 9V batteries for use in our tDCS devices. Alkaline 9V batteries are the standard, over-the-counter batteries which can be purchased at almost any store that carries batteries. Common brands include Duracell, Energizer, Rayovac and others. Out of the various brands of Alkaline 9V batteries available, we personally recommend Duracell’s Procell brand Alkaline 9V Batteries. This is the only battery that we personally use, and the only battery that we stock in our online store. There are several different factors why we recommend this type and brand of battery such as longevity, reliability, power, and affordability. More information on Duracell Procell 9V batteries can be found on the product’s listing page.

Regardless of the brand of battery you choose, we strongly recommend not using rechargeable batteries for tDCS. One reason for this is that these batteries are rarely charge to the full 9-volts, which prevents the user from effectively engaging in tDCS montages where electrodes are father apart. Essentially, the higher the voltage, the more effective the battery is at passing current over farther distances.

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