Amrex Sponge Electrode Adapters

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These Banana Plug Adapters are required to use previous versions of The Brain Stimulator and the Travel Model with both the 2×2″ and 3×3″ Amrex Sponge Electrodes. We chose to use only the highest quality Gold-Plated banana plug jacks so they will never rust and always operate properly.

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Made from the highest quality Gold-plated Banana Plugs, these Amrex sponge electrode adapters will last for a long time without showing any signs of aging and will never rust. These Adapters plug directly into the lead wire pins of the previous versions of both The Brain Stimulator and The Travel Model models. We designed these adapters to fit securely into Amrex Sponge Electrodes for a secure connection every time you use them.

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Banana Plugs