The Brain Stimulator v3.0

Brain Stimulator v3.0 tDCS DeviceBrain Stimulator v3.0 tDCS Device
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We’re incredibly excited to announce our newest and most advanced tDCS device, including features never before seen in the tDCS industry!


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Our newest version of The Brain Stimulator is finally here!! Our new device has a ton of new awesome features that we’re sure you’ll love. First off, the device has been completely redesigned from the inside out. With push button switches and 5 indicator LED’s, this device is a breeze to use. The “UP” and “DOWN” buttons are used to select between current levels, while the “OFF” button functions as an “instant-off,” allowing the user to immediately end a session. Additionally, we’ve added a Low Battery indicator LED, which (you guessed it!) alerts the user when the battery needs replacing. But don’t worry, our device lasts a total of 90 hours at the highest 2mA setting.

While The Brain Stimulator still utilizes a 9-volt battery, we’ve implemented voltage boosting which allows the device to run more efficiently at 12-volts. Additionally, we programed our circuitry with a “constant-voltage” system, allowing the device to operate continuously at 12-volts, until the battery requires replacing. This means that you will receive the same level of effectiveness out of your tDCS device, from the first minute you turn it on, until the battery requires replacing. Additionally, the device provides intermediary stepping in between the four selectable current options. In other words, when you turn up the current level from 0.5mA to 1.0mA, the output current actually pauses momentarily at 0.75mA before reaching 1.0mA, providing for an incredibly comfortable tDCS experience. Finally, we’ve implemented a 30-minute safety timer, which gently lowers current level and turns off the device once the time limit has been reached. However, this feature can also be used at a session timer, allowing you to engage in 30-minute tDCS sessions without having to watch the clock, or set up a timer!


Additional information

Device Dimensions

4.5 x 2.7 x 1.0 inches

Constant Voltage

Boosted Voltage – 12-volts (+/-0.5V)


9-volt battery, providing 90+ hours of continuous usage

Selectable Current Levels

0.5mA, 1.0mA, 1.5mA, 2mA (with intermediate current stepping of 0.25mA)

Electrode Cables

3 feet (1 meter) – Detachable, right-angled connector, with fused wires.


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