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This was not an easy decision, however we have always held a strong stance that safety is of paramount priority when it comes to Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS). We have gone to extensive lengths to ensure our products are safe, our customers stay safe, and have even blown the whistle when finding other companies selling risky, sub-par tDCS devices. As we monitored the progression of the COVID-19 virus, we quickly realized we would be hypocrites if we ignored the situation.

For the safety of not only our employees and vendors, but our customers and society as a whole, we are suspending operations for now. These are unprecedented times, but we don't have to endure them alone. We are all in this together. From Los Angeles to Beijing, it matters not what your gender is, your race, religion, or economic status... we all can make a difference.

Please, stay home when you can. Practice social distancing, wash your hands often, and BE KIND to your neighbor. And as always, thank you for being a part of The Brain Stimulator Family :)

The Brain Stimulator v3.0 Deluxe tDCS Kit

Brain Stimulator v3 Deluxe tDCS Device Kit
SKU: TBSv3.0-DlxKit
(11 customer reviews)


Are you looking for a complete kit with absolutely everything you need? With all of the accessories we’ve included in this kit you will be able to access any electrode placement montage you desire. The Brain Stimulator v3.0 Deluxe kit is hands down the BEST tDCS Kit we offer.

The Brain Stimulator v3.0 Deluxe tDCS Kit Includes:

  • The Brain Stimulator v3.0 tDCS Device
  • Gold-Plated Sponge Electrode Cable
  • 2 Professional Amrex Sponge Electrodes
  • 10 Replacement Sponge Inserts
  • Saline Solution Applicator Bottle
  • Blue Electrode Positioning Headband
  • White Adjustable Electrode Positioning Headband
  • Professional Procell 9V Battery
  • Large Soft Drawstring Carry Pouch

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The Brain Stimulator v3.0 Deluxe tDCS kit is our top of the line package including our most popular tDCS device. The Deluxe tDCS Kit is a complete kit including all necessary accessories. For version 3.0 of our famous Brain Stimulator tDCS Device, we completely redesigned the device from the inside out. We included a ton of amazing new features including a 30 minute session timer, boost voltage, and numerous redundant safety features.

Boost Voltage & Constant-Voltage

Just like our other tDCS devices, The Brain Stimulator v3.0 uses a standard 9-volt battery. However, by boosting the available battery power, The Brain Stimulator v3.0 can operate at maximum efficiency regardless of the health of the battery. The Brain Stimulator v3.0 ahead of its competitors as without this technology most tDCS devices will actually lose effectiveness every time the device is on and current is flowing. In addition, integrated voltage monitoring which protects the user from unsafe voltage levels. Regardless of the electrode placement montage you’re using, The Brain Stimulator v3.0 will produce always-accurate current each and every session. With The Brain Stimulator v3.0 you can experience the full effects tDCS has to offer.

Built-In Timer & Current Ramping

You can finally put away that kitchen timer! We integrated a 30-minute session timer! This new feature gently lowers the current level once the time limit has been reached. When the session is completed, the device powers off and is ready to store away. The Brain Stimulator v3.0 features intermediate current ramping in-between the four selectable current options, creating extremely comfortable tDCS session. When you increase or decrease the current output, the device momentarily pauses before reaching the next chosen level. Additionally,

Intuitive Buttons & Low Battery Indicator

With 3 tactile push buttons and 5 indicator LED’s, this device could not be easier to use. The UP and DOWN buttons are used to select between current levels, while the OFF button functions as an “instant-off” safety feature allowing the user to immediately end a session. Additionally, we’ve added a Low Battery indicator to alert the user when the battery requires replacing. But don’t worry, optimized circuitry allows The Brain Stimulator v3.0 to operate for over 175 hours at its highest 2mA setting, so you won’t be doing much battery replacing.

Advanced Safety Features

When it comes to tDCS, don’t settle for a device which doesn’t put your health and safety first. We believe user safety should be a top priority when designing a tDCS device. Therefore, we integrated some of the most advanced,  industry leading safety technology into The Brain Stimulator v3.0:

Integrated Session Timer protects the user from over stimulation. After 30 minutes of use, the device slowly ramps down and powers off. This feature can also be used as a session timer so you can “set-and-forget”.

Instant-Off Button located at the bottom of the device allows a user to immediately end a session at any time.

Over-Current Protection protects the user from unsafe current levels by limiting the output of the device to 2.25mA. Should the device ever detect an over-current situation, fail-safe circuitry would engage, immediately shutting down the device.

Over-Voltage Protection protects the user from unsafe power levels by limiting the output of the device. Should the device ever detect an over-voltage situation, fail-safe circuitry would engage, immediately shutting down the device.

Reverse Battery Protection protects the user from undetected reverse polarity should the battery be accidentally installed incorrectly.

Additional information

Internal Voltage

Boosted to 12-volts (+/-0.5V) – "Constant Voltage" regardless of battery health

Selectable Current Levels

0.5mA, 1.0mA, 1.5mA, 2mA – with intermediate current stepping of 0.25mA

Low Battery Indicator

6.00-volts – LED flashes Yellow
4.80-volts – LED turns off, current ramps down, device shuts off

Over-Current Protection

2.05mA current limiter, 2.25mA failsafe shutdown

Over-Voltage Protection

12.5 volts maximum output, 13 volts failsafe shutdown

Electrode Cables

3 feet (1 meter) – Detachable, right-angled connector, with fused wires

Device Weight

4.7oz (battery installed)

Device Dimensions

4.5 x 2.7 x 1.0 inches (114mm x 69mm x 25mm)


Instruction Manual



3×3" Amrex Electrodes

11 reviews for The Brain Stimulator v3.0 Deluxe tDCS Kit

  1. Lori

    I thought I’d try at home stimulation rather than adding additional medication for chronic/recurring major depressive disorder. I’m so glad I did! I’ve used the Brain Stimulator for about 4 months and my mood is much improved – better than it has been in many years – with no additional medication. After a few months my cravings for junk food have also greatly decreased as the depression lessened. The quality of the unit is good and the price was reasonable. It’s simple to use. If you live with depression, I’d recommend trying it to see if it works for you.

  2. Garrett

    I considered building a tDCS device, but this kit seemed so much more convenient and wouldn’t fry my brain matter. I heard about this originally from Radiolab podcast. Immediately googled it. I have been using this a few times a week and gotta say, not sure if it’s placebo or not, but it’s DEFINITELY effective during the 30 minutes and about 30 minutes following. I can literally feel electricity beaming across my brain and my focus just lasers into a pinpoint. Pretty neat.

  3. CC

    This device is definitely worth trying. It appears the effects are cumulative – after 5 sessions I noticed I WANT to work. I used to prefer being more idle/unfocused but this has had some effect on my mind. I hope it’s not placebo but I’ll take what I can get! Not so sure if it helps with anxiety but if your mood improves anxiety tends to also dissipate. I will definitely continue using this device. I think it may have made me break out a little in the area on my forehead where I placed the sponges but I don’t care. That’s a small price to pay 🙂

  4. Dr. GW Smith

    The Brain Stimulator performed as stated. The auto-shut-off feature is very helpful. Although you substituted the Blue Electrode Positioning Headband for a white one. I believe I would have liked the blue one better.

  5. Keith Lewis

    I started using this device a week ago because I had heard that some studies showed subjects had greater focus when doing repetitive tasks. I study guitar and sometimes the practice time is not at all focused for me. I have struggled. I use it for 20 minutes while running chord and scale drills, then I remove the device and spend 20 minutes playing songs. After a week, my focus is noticeably better. Not perfect, but much better. The practice time flew by and my attention really doesn’t drift much now.

  6. Gyan

    We have been using the brain stimulator version 3.0 to help treat depression and anxiety for my partners autistic son as well as for mild depressive conditions in both myself and my partner and for mental focus and improve learning. The effects have been noticeable and to varying degrees profound. I would strongly recommend that anyone who is interested give this a try.

  7. B9

    The Brain Stimulator performed exactly as promised. The auto-shut-off feature and adjustable amperage are very helpful. After an extensive review of the literature, I decided to try tDCS as a way to enhance cognitive capabilities (make sure to listen to the NPR podcast on tDCS on the DARPA montage used in training drone pilots) and to increase the neural plasticity of my 67-year-old brain. My subjective estimation is that it succeeds on both counts.

  8. Diane English

    Insomnia GONE! Poof! Also, my painting style has totally changed to be much looser and easier. I love this!

  9. Jim Ho Wai

    Brain stimulator gives me wonderful experience for treating my depression and anxiety !

  10. Joel

    Been using this product for a while now, especially for studying. It gives me an another level of focus I have yet to experience with anything else. I can digest difficult material at a much faster rate than I could otherwise. Increased productivity. Increased focus. Five stars, no doubt about it!

  11. barbara

    Have suffered with lifelong mood issues and this device helped me considerably. Took about a week to start to notice a difference and in a few weeks felt best I’ve felt in ages. I tried the typical montage for depression but also tried some different ones.

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The feelings experienced during a typical tDCS session can vary from individual to individual, and can be based on several factors such as as the montage (electrode placement) being used, level of current, and length of the session. The most common sensation associated with tDCS is a slight tingling, itching, or “warming” sensation felt at the source of the electrodes. This sensation can often be suppressed by applying additional saline solution, or by applying slight pressure to the sponge electrodes to help saturate the area. Adding additional saline solution usually requires stopping the session and removing the electrodes, however saline can be applied easily and comfortably during a tDCS session by using a saline solution applicator bottle.

In addition the the above, some individuals claim to experience a metallic taste in their mouth, but usually report it to be temporary and only during the start of the session. Sometimes it is possible to experience the appearance of a very flash of white light, however this is very rare and only possible if the device being used does not feature “ramping,” and the electrodes are positioned near the optical nerve (near the eyes). Almost all of the tDCS devices being produced by reputable companies feature this technology. The Brain Stimulator v3.0 features internal current stepping, which another form of ramping technology which results in an incredibly comfortable tDCS session.

Overall, most people describe tDCS as being a relatively positive experience, and some report not feeling anything at all!

For some related information, check out: Are there any side effects associated with tDCS?

Did you find this FAQ helpful?

Reported tDCS side effects are very few, and only experienced by a small number of the population. Some side effects associated with tDCS include a tingling or itching sensation during stimulation, a slightly metallic taste, and occasional redness at the site of the electrodes. Any redness usually fades away shortly after stimulation. An even smaller percentage of the population reports a slight headache as a tDCS side effect, however this also usually subsides shortly after the session is concluded. The most least reported tDCS side effect, which is usually attributed to improper use of electrodes or poorly assembled/prepared electrodes, is skin irritation. Sometimes this irritation can take the form of a small skin bump or lesion. However, it is important to note that even this side-effect is quite minor, and will fade away over a short period of time.

tDCS Side effect organized into an informational graphicWe found a great infographic on tDCS side effects located at tdcsbrainstorm.com, which shows that often most side effects can be attributed to the placebo effect. The results shown below depict that based on clinical trials, those individuals receiving “sham” stimulation (fake, no current) often reported the same symptoms at similar severity levels compared with those individuals receiving active stimulation (real tDCS).

Did you find this FAQ helpful?
Fisher Wallace produces products that are quite different from The Brain Stimulator family of tDCS devices. While The Brain Stimulator utilizes tDCS (Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation), the Fisher Wallace Stimulator utilizes tACS (Transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation). Studies have shown that tDCS and tACS are both generally considered safe and effective methods of non-invasive brain stimulation1. However, at least one study found that tACS did not appear to create significant changes in cortical excitability2, whereas numerous studies have documented tDCS’s ability to modulate cortical excitability both during and after stimulation 3, 4.


In addition, tDCS has the ability to either increase (via Anodal stimulation) or decrease (via Cathodal stimulation) the spontaneous firing rate of neurons in the brain56. This duality of effects can be seen in various scientific studies where researchers may focus on increasing desired results (such as improving cognition7), while through alternative tDCS montages, decrease others (such as chronic pain8).


While many people believe the Fisher Wallace Stimulator is FDA approved, this is not the case. Rather, The Fisher Wallace Stimulator is only FDA cleared. While much progress has been made over the years to gain FDA approval, in the field of brain stimulation there are currently no tES (Transcranial Electrical Stimulation) devices which have been granted approval. This does not mean brain stimulation devices are deemed unsafe by the organization, but rather that it has not yet been determined to what classification, standards, or methods of approval, this new industry should conform to.


Interested in learning more? Check out “What is tDCS?” or read more about The Brain Stimulator v3.0.


Did you find this FAQ helpful?

YES! Our products use the same technology (transcranial direct current stimulation) as the Halo Sport headphones. The only difference between The Brain Stimulator and Halo Sport (other than price), is The Brain Stimulator provides the user with the flexibility to position the electrodes in multiple arrangements.

The incredible thing about tDCS is that different electrode placements (referred to as “montages”) can produce different results. The Halo Sport headphones utilize fixed electrodes, which are located on the headphone’s bar, placing them directly over the primary motor cortex. While this may be convenient for those who wish to use tDCS for solely for muscle memory, this limits the user them from exploring other placement positions.

We took a different approach and manufactured The Brain Stimulator with free standing electrodes which can be placed anywhere the user desires. From the very beginning, we have always maintained the belief that the customer should be allowed to use tDCS in any manner they so choose and that to limit the customer would be to limit self exploration and creativity.


Did you find this FAQ helpful?

Our goal is to produce tDCS devices of the highest quality standards, which operate with precision and guaranteed accuracy, therefore we do not include current meters in our products. Analog current meters are incredibly inefficient, and are only required for tDCS devices which do not have proper voltage/current control and adaptation circuitry in place.

The Brain Stimulator tDCS devices include enhanced circuitry comprised of precision components, integrated circuits, and microprocessors (“smart” technology) which control and monitor current and voltage levels several times a milliseconds. Through the use of these special technologies, and by nature of design, our products do not require the user to monitor current flow. However, tDCS devices which use rudimentary circuitry must include a current meter, as the user must constantly monitor and adjust the output flow in order for the device to produce accurate current.

In some ways this can be compared to manual (stick shift) cars versus automatic cars. With a manual gear shift automobile, the drive must constantly monitor the state of the automobile to know when he or she needs to change gears (adjust the device). However, cars which utilize automatic shifting do not require the constant attention of the driver as the technology within the car “adjusts” (shifts) itself at the optimal time.


Did you find this FAQ helpful?

tDCS electrode sponges can be replaced every two weeks or after seven tDCS sessions. However, for optimum performance and hygiene reasons, we recommend replacing your sponges after each session. Replacement sponges for 2×2 and 3×3″ electrodes can be purchased in packs of 10 in our online store. In addition, due to customer requests we now offer replacement sponges in subscription plans at discounted pricing.

Over time, the sponges within sponge electrodes can grow brittle and crumble, crack, or split, causing an uneven distribution of current. Worn-out sponges can cause an uncomfortable tDCS session, with increased tingling, itching, and sometimes stinging sensations occurring. A good way to tell if your sponges need replacing is if soaking them with saline solution becomes more difficult, if they start to display a darker/brownish color, or begin feeling “stale.”

More importantly, if your tDCS sessions become uncomfortable, or you start to notice sensations that maybe you didn’t before, this is a good sign that your sponges need replacing. You can find 10-packs of replacement sponge inserts for both the 3×3″ Amrex Electrodes and the 2×2″ Amrex Electrodes in our online store.

Did you find this FAQ helpful?

We currently accept Credit Card and PayPal payment methods. All payment information is fully encrypted and handled by third party payment processing companies (Stripe or PayPal). By using third party payment processors, we ensure your data is kept protected and secret, as we never see or save any of your sensitive payment information.

To pay via credit card, simply fill out your billing, shipping, and credit card information on our Checkout page, or select the “Checkout with PayPal” option located just below the Stripe form and click “Proceed to PayPal”.

If you wish to skip our billing & address forms and checkout faster, then we suggest using PayPal Checkout. You do not need a PayPal Account to checkout via PayPal, nor will you be required to create one if you choose this checkout method. If you do not have a PayPal account, there is a link at the bottom of the PayPal checkout webpage which instructs you on how to complete the transaction.

You can find the PayPal checkout option on our Cart page, at the top and the bottom of our Checkout page, as well as on some product pages (example: The Brain Stimulator tDCS Kits). Once you click a PayPal checkout button, a PayPal pop up window will appear which will guide you through the short and simple payment process. When finished, you will be redirected back to our website to confirm your order details and complete the transaction.

If you have any further questions regarding payment or if you encounter any errors, please contact us directly.

Did you find this FAQ helpful?

We manufacture all our tDCS devices in sunny Southern California. Additionally, the majority of the resale products we carry, such as Amrex Sponge Electrodes, are manufactured in California as well! In regards to our products; if it’s not made in California, it’s made somewhere else in the United States. If it’s not made in the United States, WE DON’T CARRY IT.

By working with domestic companies we are able to build close working relationships with our vendors, and provides many benefits such as faster shipping and restocking times, as well as the ability to closely manage our quality control processes, which results in higher-quality products with unmatched performance.

Doing business with local vendors has been an integral part of our value proposition from day one, and helps differentiate us from our competitors. Our ability to walk through the door of any number of our local vendors, shake their hand and sit down across the table from them, is something we’ve found absolutely invaluable. By choosing to purchase from and work with domestic companies, we’re doing are part to help create jobs right here in United States.

Additionally, we do all of our order fulfillment in house, so every purchase gets shipped to you straight from our California offices. Furthermore, we’re working hard to expand our International business, and hope to open up overseas shipping facilities in the near future. In the meantime, we offer several International shipping options such as:

  • USPS First Class International
  • USPS Priority International
  • USPS Priority Express International
Did you find this FAQ helpful?

Yes!! Currently we offer two International Shipping options; Standard International and Express International. For your convenience, we’ve added a shipping calculator to our Cart Page. To obtain shipping costs for your destination, proceed to the Shop Page and add the items you’re interested in to your cart. Once finished, proceed to the cart page and enter you location information into the calculator in the “Cart Totals” section of the page.

We’ve shipped our tDCS devices to nearly 100 different countries over the course of being in business. Some of the most popular International shipping destinations we’ve shipped our tDCS products to include:

  • Canada (CA)
  • Australia (AU)
  • Brazil (BR)
  • United Kingdom (GB) – AKA the UK
  • Sweden (SE)
  • Turkey (TR)
  • India (IN)
  • Germany (DE)
  • Russia (RU)
  • Belgium (BE)
  • France (FR)
  • Czech Republic(CZ)
  • Norway (NO)
  • Spain (ES)
  • Taiwan (TW)
  • Austria (AT)
  • Italy (IT)
  • Lebanon (LB)
  • Denmark (DK)
  • Republic of (South) Korea (KR)
  • Hong Kong (HK)
  • New Zealand (NZ)
  • Netherlands (NL)
  • Chile (CL)
  • Finland (FI)
  • Japan (JP)
  • Poland (PL)
  • Singapore (SG)
  • Estonia (EE)
  • Greece (GR)
  • Hungary (HU)
  • Thailand (TH)
  • Switzerland (CH)

This is not an exhaustive list by any means, so if you live there, we probably ship there.

Should you have any shipping questions regarding your destination, please feel free to contact us directly.

Did you find this FAQ helpful?

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