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Caputron Professional Silicone Sponge Electrodes

3x3" Caputron Silicon Sponge Electrode from The Brain Stimulator tDCS Devices

Caputron Professional Silicone Sponge Electrodes

Introducing Caputron Electrodes!

We are excited to announce we now carry professional Caputron Sponge Electrodes. Caputron Electrodes are backed by elastic silicone, and balance performance and affordability making them a great choice for many tDCS users.

These 3×3″ sponge electrodes are fully compatible with our replacement sponge inserts¬†(now available in convenient subscription plans!) all of our tDCS electrode cables.

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We no longer carry this product. Discontinued

2 Professional tDCS Sponge Electrodes


Sponge electrodes are the most prominent type of electrodes preferred by leading researchers and clinicians for applying tDCS.

Caputron tDCS electrodes are comprised of a research grade corrosion resistant conductive metal mesh insert with 4 mm banana connection, high quality sponge insert and a flexible silicone housing. We offer Caputron electrodes in the standard 3″ x 3″ size.

The flexible highly conductive material and elastic silicone shell allow the electrodes to more easily contour to the shape of the head or body, providing better contact quality between the electrode and the user.

Caputron tDCS electrodes require no little to no maintenance. For optimal current flow, we recommend changing electrodes after 3 months of use. The internal sponge inserts should be changed every few sessions, or when they begin to show signs of degradation.

Caputron Electrode Advantages:

  • Flexible design allows for optimal contact quality, even with areas containing thick hair
  • Silicone material is bacteria resistant and makes sponge removal easy.
  • Conductive metal mesh insert provides excellent electrical conductivity.
  • Very low maintenance required

Combine these electrodes with one of our electrode positioning headbands, caps, or armbands for a complete set!

Caputron Electrode Care:

Caputron tDCS electrodes require very little maintenance. For optimal current flow, sponge inserts should be changed after 2-3 sessions, and we recommend replacing your electrodes every 2-3 months.

To increase the life of your electrodes, sponges may also be removed from the housing, rinsed and left to dry.


Electrodes are sold in pairs for convenience ūüôā

Additional information

Sponge Size

3×3" Sponges


Silicone and Stainless Steel


While saline solution is not strictly required for use with sponge electrodes, it is recommended. Plain water will work in helping the sponge to pass current, just not as well as saline solution. Water in and of itself is a very poor conductor of current. So in using just water, you’re essentially asking the sponge alone to work to pass current to the targeted area. By adding salt to plain water (saline solution), the electricity is able to actually jump from molecule to molecule through the solution, providing a better connection. In using a sponge well soaked with saline solution, the current encounters the least amount of resistance, providing the most effective, and most comfortable tDCS experience.

Did you find this FAQ helpful?

tDCS electrode sponges can be replaced every two weeks or after seven tDCS sessions.¬†However, for optimum performance and hygiene reasons, we recommend replacing your sponges after each session.¬†Replacement sponges for 2×2 and 3×3″ electrodes can be purchased in packs of 10 in our¬†online store. In addition, due to customer requests we now offer replacement sponges in¬†subscription plans at discounted pricing.

Over time,¬†the sponges within sponge electrodes can grow brittle and crumble, crack, or split, causing an uneven distribution of current. Worn-out sponges¬†can cause¬†an uncomfortable tDCS¬†session, with increased tingling, itching, and sometimes stinging sensations occurring. A good way to tell if your sponges need replacing is if soaking them with saline solution becomes more difficult, if they start to display a darker/brownish color, or begin feeling ‚Äústale.‚ÄĚ

More importantly, if your tDCS sessions become uncomfortable, or you start to notice sensations that maybe you didn’t before, this is a good sign that your sponges need replacing. You can find 10-packs of replacement sponge inserts for both the 3×3″ Amrex Electrodes and the 2×2″ Amrex Electrodes in our online store.

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Essentially the main difference between the 3×3″ Sponge Electrodes and the 2×2″ Sponge Electrodes is the size of the electrode pad and the area they cover. They both are constructed in exactly the same way, with the same materials and use the same Amrex electrode cables and adapters. The 3×3″ electrodes will cover a broader area, while the 2×2″ will cover a slightly smaller, more condensed area. Essentially the 2×2″ sponge electrodes will stimulate a more targeted area, while the 3×3″ have more of a generalized effect on the area being stimulated. Additionally, because of the larger surface area, the 3×3″ size generally provides a more comfortable session with fewer negative side effects. Due to these facts, the 3×3″ size sponge electrodes are far more popular than their 2×2″ counterpart.

Did you find this FAQ helpful?

We no longer recommend using self-adhesive electrodes with tDCS. The reason we do not recommend self-adhesive is due to the fact that they do not conduct current as well, or as evenly as sponge electrodes. Due to the way self-adhesive Electrodes are manufactured, there‚Äôs often a high potential¬†for current to collect, or concentrate, on a specific location on the electrode‚Äôs surface. This concentration of current creates what‚Äôs known as a ‚ÄúHot Spot,‚ÄĚ causing high current density which can result in an uncomfortable session, or even skin irritation. While Hot Spots do not¬†always¬†happen, sponge electrodes are by far the safest and most effective option for use with tDCS. Additionally, you can further practice ‚Äúsafe-tDCS‚ÄĚ by always using¬†an electrode positioning headband(s) (we offer¬†small and large¬†tDCS headbands), to ensure that the entire electrode makes contact with the targeted area.

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