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Large Adjustable Electrode Positioning Headband

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The Best tDCS Headband We Offer


This larger headband (measuring 2 feet in length when laid out flat) will help to hold electrodes securely in place, even for positions that are in hard to reach areas. Additionally, this headband comes with a sewn in velcro strip, so you can adjust the tightness to fit your comfort level, and then press the ends together so it wont shift during your session.

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We’ve came across this headband in search for a better way to hold electrodes in place during tDCS sessions. While this product is usually used in salons and spas, it actually makes a fantastic headband for holding tDCS electrodes securely! We should know, we’ve tried out several different types of headbands.

The larger width of this headband helps it to better stretch over 2×2″ and 3×3″ Amrex sponge electrodes. The ability of this headband to extend over the electrode allows the elastic lining on the outer edges of the band to be pulled tight to grip around the electrode. Furthermore, in addition to being incredibly soft and comfortable, the terry cloth fabric grips the rubber backing of the sponges nicely, while also helping to wick away any excess moisture.

The length of this headband, along with the length of the velcro used to secure it, allows it to fit around even the toughest areas to reach. Additionally each headband comes sealed in cellophane plastic, so you can trust that you are receiving a clean, brand new, straight from the factory, clean and ready to use product.

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1 review for Large Adjustable Electrode Positioning Headband

  1. Manuel Flores

    Love this headband, it fits over my 3×3 electrodes completely which holds them in place alot better then the blue headband. It helps absorb saline solution when it drips off the electrodes, which is nice because sometimes I use to much saline and I also read about how current can shunt in that situation. Shunt is when the electric current is passed across the scalp rather than through to the brain where you want it. If your hair is wet around the electrodes it makes it easier for the current to do that. So I give this headband 5 stars and a big thumbs up!

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