Large Velvet Carry Pouch for The Brain Stimulator

tDCS Carry Pouch
tDCS Carry PouchCarry Pouch laid out with componentsClose Up of tDCS Carry Pouch


How the heck are you supposed to carry all of your tDCS supplies? You only have two hands…

Well now you only need one! Try out our new carry pouch for The Brain Stimulator!

This soft quality blue velveteen carry pouch will allow you to carry The Brain Stimulator and any accessories you may have. It’s even big enough to fit Amrex Sponge Electrodes! Now you can safely carry your tDCS Kit with you anywhere without having to worry about loosing anything.

SKU: Bag-5x7-Blue

Product Description

Keep your Device and accessories all in one place with this soft and stylish Carry Pouch!

This handy, draw-string carry pouch can not only hold The Brain Stimulator, but all of your accessories as well! In testing out this pouch, we found that we could comfortably fit in The Brain Stimulator along with a pair of either Alligator Clip or Amrex Adapters, AND a pair of 2×2″ OR 3×3″ Amrex Sponge Electrodes! Now you can literally have everything you need to engage in a tDCS session on the go. Additionally, once you have everything inside, the drawstring on the top of the bag allows you to tightly close up the pouch so you wont have to worry about loosing anything.

Made of a soft velveteen material, you can rest assure that your supplies will be safe, and wont get scratched or damaged while inside. This pouch comes in a dark blue color that compliments the style of The Brain Stimulator device, so it’s not only handy, but stylish as well. If your like to keep your tDCS private, this is a perfect way to discretely conceal all of your supplies in an easy to carry unmarked pouch. When your friends ask you, “Hey, what’s in that awesome looking pouch?” Just turn to them and say, “You can’t handle The Brain Stimulator”

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