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  • Word recall montage?
    I've seen several posts, specifically regarding the DARPA montage, where users noticed a side effect of slightly slower word recall. For this reason I've never tried this montage because I already suffer from slow word recall. I've been looking into the physiology of the articulatory network and am curious if I have had a previous injury resulting in some sort of mild amonic aphasia; perhaps damage to Broca or Weirnike's area, the arcuate fasciculus, ect. Either way I'm wondering if anyone has had any positive results with a montage that increases word recall, pronunciation, memory, with mild side ... read more
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  • tDCS & Addiction
    Can tDCS help with amphetamine addiction? If so, are there any recommended montages? Does anyone have any experience with this? Thanks! submitted by /u/smudgy91 [link] [comments] ... read more
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