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  • I dont think this is a good idea. Please post your negative experiences.
    Hey guys. My experience with TDCS has not been good. I've probably used it about 6 times total. I did the darpa montage which left me feeling lightheaded and tired and then I did the improved insight montage. I liked that at first it made me feel more energetic and could think a little clearer. But it turned into the same result as the darpa montage for me and I stopped about a week ago. I used the super specific devices machine at 2ma 24v. I wish I didnt do this I havnt been doing tdcs for ... read more
    Latest Reddit tDCS PostsBy /u/Pugmansix
  • tDCS or tACS for lucid dreaming? How tDCS induce lucidity?
    Researchers used tACS for lucid dreaming. 25-40Hz caused the most lucidity. So how can tDCS induce lucidity? Doesn't only the gamma wave increases the chance of being lucid? submitted by /u/rahat1269 [link] [comments] ... read more
    Latest Reddit tDCS PostsBy /u/rahat1269
  • Cerebellum – Depression Montage
    After using the typical F3+ and negative over the right eye or shoulder (which at times left me feeling sad) another member of this sub posted a montage with the Cerebellum. I found this much more effective. My notes from reading the article. The study reverses the polarity and moves the bilateral location (example over the right eye) to the right rear of the head over the cerebellum. They state the cerebellum has more nureons that other parts of the brain. Run for 12 minutes. F3- and the other electrode + instead of the ... read more
    Latest Reddit tDCS PostsBy /u/CDRChakotay
  • CanI use a tens unit to trigger pooping?
    I am trying to use a TENS unit to trigger defecation. Does anyone know how I could rig it up to do this? submitted by /u/madmatt1980 [link] [comments] ... read more
    Latest Reddit tDCS PostsBy /u/madmatt1980
  • Comments on this detailed DIY build?
    Just ran across this YT video from stancurtin. I'm hoping those of you with more electronics experience could comment on his device and process. SIMPLIFIED DIY tDCS. This is a follow up to a DIY tDCS device video (with phone app) he posted a year or so ago. At 23 minutes (post-build) he mods sticky TENS electrodes by adding a thin layer of sponge. submitted by /u/DIYtDCS [link] [comments] ... read more
    Latest Reddit tDCS PostsBy /u/DIYtDCS
  • Researcher says tACS effects are explained by peripheral nerve stimulation, not direct brain stimulation
    Latest Reddit tDCS PostsBy /u/newsbeagle
  • Dual-use?: Device for tDCS and TENS?
    Hello. ​ Are there any devices that can be used for both? Without compromising? One good Device for both. submitted by /u/Tobias_Claren [link] [comments] ... read more
    Latest Reddit tDCS PostsBy /u/Tobias_Claren
  • anyone working on DIY PONS?
    There are some very interesting studies coming from PONS, using tongue based stimulation. The tongue contains a huge amount of nerves and is highly integrated to the CNS due to infants needing to learn to feed upon birth and other reasons. Using PCB production techniques a small, integrated device could be made very very cheaply which does not require complex electrode placement, etc. Anyone working on this or interested in a collaboration? Thoughts on the technology in general? submitted by /u/mindovermatterlondon [link] [comments] ... read more
    Latest Reddit tDCS PostsBy /u/mindovermatterlondon
  • What is the cheapest device I can buy that can specifically be used to put myself into a theta state?
    Latest Reddit tDCS PostsBy /u/LuigiInTheSky
  • MeRT – Some interesting work in brainwave entrainment research
    Latest Reddit tDCS PostsBy /u/seb21051
  • Best anode and cathode positions for post concussion syndrome
    I've been looking at studies that test tDCS affect on post concussion syndrome. They talk about placement of the anode but do not mention the placement of the cathode. Does anyone happen to know where to place the cathode? I've looked at the procedures as well and have still not found it. Thanks for any advice! submitted by /u/Oceans63 [link] [comments] ... read more
    Latest Reddit tDCS PostsBy /u/Oceans63