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  • Confidence?
    Is there a montage for confidence? Also is there a montage to help depression due to heart break? submitted by /u/manzaneg [link] [comments] ... read more
    Posts from tDCS SubRedditBy /u/manzaneg
  • tdcs f3/fp2 montage for depression now increased anxiety
    I've had depression and morning anxiety for a couple of months and have tried nutritional therapy during that time. About 10 days ago I began tDCS with the f3/fp2 montage for 20-25 minutes per day. For the last 3 days I've had increased anxiety sometimes lasting the whole day although the depression has lessened. Years ago when I began effexor I developed anxiety in the first 2-3 weeks of commencing even though I'd never had anxiety before. My GP said it was normal and a sign that the drug was working. I am not on any AD's just ... read more
    Posts from tDCS SubRedditBy /u/aldebaran3003
  • What does cathode do on FP2 (above right eye)? Does it lower the over activity of right caudate?
    Posts from tDCS SubRedditBy /u/farisqureshi
  • ELI5: shunting in tDCS montages
    Reading this paper I realized I know the term shunting but not well enough in this context Any help will be greatly appreciated. submitted by /u/louderharderfaster [link] [comments] ... read more
    Posts from tDCS SubRedditBy /u/louderharderfaster
  • Is there any value to a tDCS clinic?
    Hi everyone. I live in Atlanta and there is a tDCS clinic here. I emailed the doc there and he said an initial consultation session would be $400 and it would cover "Electrode placement, protocols, conditions responsive to tDCS, potential complications and their treatment are covered." Would this be worth it? Has anyone done something like this? I'm torn. On one hand, it seems relatively simple to self administer. On the other hand, this is my brain we're talking about. I started using an Apex machine in January for MDD (F3 montage). It's been unexpectedly effective and ... read more
    Posts from tDCS SubRedditBy /u/greensoybean
  • Headset featured in a Scientific Study testing Working Memory & Reaction Time
    Posts from tDCS SubRedditBy /u/thatonetdcsguy
  • NYU Study Uses Remote tDCS for Fatigue in MS Patients
    Posts from tDCS SubRedditBy /u/DIYtDCS
  • Notes on Human Trials of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation between 1960 and 1998
    Posts from tDCS SubRedditBy /u/DIYtDCS
  • Do I need to wash ElectroSquare sponge electrode of Amrex or Apex efter every session?
    Hi, Do I need to wash ElectroSquare electrodes after every session? If so, how should I wash them? submitted by /u/farisqureshi [link] [comments] ... read more
    Posts from tDCS SubRedditBy /u/farisqureshi
  • Blurry & difficulty focusing with right eye after montage (Anode:F3, Cathode PF2)
    Hi All, I recently discovered this sub and the magic of tDCS. I purchased my first tDCS device and tried it twice. This was using the tDCS kit (2ma - not adjustable) and the placement was: Anode: Left DLPFC [F3), Cathode: Right Supraorbital (FP2). After the second session (the day after) I got a bad headache and notice my right eye was having difficulty focusing compared to my left eye and it's been quite distressing. This was about 3 weeks ago in the beginning of Feb. Since then I switched to glasses which is less focus-work for my ... read more
    Posts from tDCS SubRedditBy /u/tdcs_newbie
  • Tdcs Bipolar disorder type 2
    Recently I have read that over excitement in the striatum has been newly foud to be involved in Bi polar disorder. So I put the cathode on f7-t3 (left side approx 11 o'clock half and inch form my ear. I put the anode on my right temple at f10. I guessed that this arrangement might have some affect on the striatum. I did 2.3 . That is 2.3 milliamps for 20 minutes. I have done this now for five days It has had a very noticable "calming" effect. Less anxiety and a certain calmness. It should be noted ... read more
    Posts from tDCS SubRedditBy /u/mrdmrd
  • Fisher Wallace device is working well for my depression but it’s killing my sleep. Any suggestions?
    Hey all, I bought a Fisher Wallace device a couple months back and I have to say it really works well in terms of helping my depression but the down side is that it absolutely kills my sleep. I mean my sleep isn't all that great to begin with (when I'm not using the FW device I get about 4 to 5 hours sleep) but when I use the FW device I get maybe an hour to two hours sleep if I'm lucky. I've tried turning down the current on the device and using it for shorter periods ... read more
    Posts from tDCS SubRedditBy /u/malibujohnny
  • I bought the Apex Type A 18V but the inserts are reversed
    Hey /r/tdcs, I decided to buy the Apex and it just arrived but I noticed that the inputs for the cables are reversed. Will this affect using the device at all. I think its only a plastic piece and so that the red cable would have to go into the black cable part but I am very confused. Here is a picture of how the device should look Here is mine. Is there a test I should perform or is there something I should do. I already wrote the company Update: They wrote me back and this is ... read more
    Posts from tDCS SubRedditBy /u/Hemlck
  • Is there interest in a DIY components package (or does it already exist?)
    The parts for the DIY tDCS seem fairly cheap, but kind of a pain to acquire individually, not to mention completely devoid of any bulk discount if you're only buying for this project If some sort of pre-packaged kit exists, can someone link to it? Otherwise, is there any interest in a kit? It seems like it would be fairly easy to get some economies of scale going, and much cheaper than any of the current finished products. Gauging interest: would you buy at $25, $30, $40, $50? Assume everything included in price, including electrodes and shipping, but ... read more
    Posts from tDCS SubRedditBy /u/CrazyMyatt
  • Mechanisms and Effects of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation
    Posts from tDCS SubRedditBy /u/gi67