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  • Anyone know anything regarding limbic system?
    Was wondering if there's any way tDCS can help improve the limbic system in some way. The reason I'm curious about this is because I've read that the limbic system is responsible for basic emotions, and also things like your sense of smell. If so, then that means finding a way to heal or help your limbic system can improve depression and your sense of smell, right? Speaking from personal experience, my sense of smell just kept fading and fading as my depression got worse. But since my depression dulled the way I felt things, I didn't really ... read more
    Posts from tDCS SubRedditBy /u/tDCSNewbie123
  • What’s the best tDCS device?
    The brain stimulator looks good. Any others that are better and if so, why? Thanks. submitted by /u/Ghbvfg [link] [comments] ... read more
    Posts from tDCS SubRedditBy /u/Ghbvfg
  • Where can I get a device that does tdcs, tacs, trns, and tcps other than the foc.us v2?
    I have a v2 but it seems to have stopped working in less than a month and their customer service is notoriously bad. Are there any other options? submitted by /u/fucc_de_la_boi [link] [comments] ... read more
    Posts from tDCS SubRedditBy /u/fucc_de_la_boi
  • Aerobic fitness, hippocampal viscoelasticity, and relational memory performance
    Posts from tDCS SubRedditBy /u/redidtsmith
  • Smithsonian tDCS article from May 2016
    Posts from tDCS SubRedditBy /u/redidtsmith
  • Why doesn’t anyone use circular sponge electrodes?
    I am building my own TDCS and was making sponge electrodes when I had an idea. Wouldn't circular electrodes distribute the charge more evenly than square electrodes? I'm not sure if there's any benefit to the square shape. submitted by /u/levivillarreal [link] [comments] ... read more
    Posts from tDCS SubRedditBy /u/levivillarreal
  • F3 + OZ
    Hi I want to ask if somebody have tried this montage for depression submitted by /u/marco2017 [link] [comments] ... read more
    Posts from tDCS SubRedditBy /u/marco2017
  • What other “intelligence-related” areas are there that tDCS might improve?
    Maybe working memory. And maybe the specific task. No transfer to other areas. That's what I've heard so far for intelligence-related areas that tDCS (supposedly) actually improves. Based on a study(ies). And DARPA F10 for focus. Insight montage also. Are there other areas I'm not listing here that are related to intelligence that tDCS might improve? I suppose you could say removing depression helps intelligence, but I'm looking for something more like working memory. Memory? Short term, long term, the immediate processing of sensory information? Self-control I guess might go with focus. submitted ... read more
    Posts from tDCS SubRedditBy /u/redidtsmith
  • I started on monday but I feel worse
    Hi to everyone this week I started using tdcs using DLPC f3 and fp2 montage for depression but I don't see changes I don't If this is normal even I feel like worse I am right handed and I am using 2 ma for 30 minutes each day how long it takes to kick in ? submitted by /u/marco2017 [link] [comments] ... read more
    Posts from tDCS SubRedditBy /u/marco2017
  • Does Time Of Day Matter?
    Is there any info regarding the best time to use TDCS? Does this matter or have any affect on its "potency" if you will? Does it depend on the specific montage used? I have been using the Brain Driver unit for about a month for the treatment of depression. Specifically I have been using the F3, FP2 montage which seems to be helping. I usually do it every day before bed, mainly because this is when I have the time to do so. But I'm curious if doing this just before sleeping alters the effects of TDCS, or ... read more
    Posts from tDCS SubRedditBy /u/JMP_2203
  • Good cheap tDCS devices that ship from within the EU?
    I'm living in Denmark and I'm barely convinced of the $150 price tag on most decent tDCS devices, so I don't want to pay the nearly 50% taxes and import fees Denmark and the EU will charge on a device shipped from the US. Does anyone know if there are some good sources for tDCS devices from within the EU (which is exempt from customs imports here)? I know the foc.us brand sells from the UK but it doesn't like the Go Flow is up to par and I can't afford the nearly $300 v2 Stimulator. I found ... read more
    Posts from tDCS SubRedditBy /u/jd4rest
  • Has anyone here used TACS to increase intelligence?
    If so, what's your montage? submitted by /u/fucc_de_la_boi [link] [comments] ... read more
    Posts from tDCS SubRedditBy /u/fucc_de_la_boi
  • Augmentation of working memory training by transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS)
    Posts from tDCS SubRedditBy /u/DIYtDCS
  • Using ICES.
    Damn of paroxetine withdrawals.. all.. plus sexual . 5 days of micro-pulse a9a .. nothing noticeable. Posting in tDCS as its depression related, other than drug method. Also not able to create subreddit as of now submitted by /u/bhasski [link] [comments] ... read more
    Posts from tDCS SubRedditBy /u/bhasski
  • Using ICES A9a for 5 days.
    Dunno whether it works for brain fog. That selfhacked.com guy claims and put a lot of things ... but for me its not even working for highest settings. I don't know what to observe for now , less brain fog... better gut .. better liver .. better stiff muscles.. well nothing noticeable anywhere. Although yet to mention I am in severe CTed paxil withdrawal. submitted by /u/bhasski [link] [comments] ... read more
    Posts from tDCS SubRedditBy /u/bhasski