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  • Fluid intelligence / IQ has been significantly improved for the very first time. • r/science
    Latest Reddit tDCS PostsBy /u/dhmt
  • Cathode & Anode side by side
    Hi there. I just got my Apex and want to use it for chronic pain. The two most common montages for pain are 1. Anode on motor cortex and cathode on contralateral supraorbital, and 2. Cathode on sensory cortex and anode on contralateral supraorbital. Because one montage calls for the anode on the motor cortex and the other montage calls for the cathode on the sensory cortex (which is right next to the motor cortex) would it make sense to just put them side by side? Or have the anode on the left motor cortex and cathode on ... read more
    Latest Reddit tDCS PostsBy /u/ja-visst
  • Tpcs 6-10 or 1-5hz?
    Hello, could you explain me why in this study they found that 6-10hz enhance alpha wave power and coherence way more then 1-5 hz, but in all the study on cognition they used 1-5 and not 6-10 which would likely enhancer even more cognition? submitted by /u/painkillerrr [link] [comments] ... read more
    Latest Reddit tDCS PostsBy /u/painkillerrr
  • T3-T4+ Montage
    Hi tDCSers, I've been using the T3-T4+ montage for about 3 months and I was hoping to hear about your experiences with it. I tried DARPA as well but I didn't feel that it did anything for me. When I first tried T3-T4+, shortly after, I felt that I was able to read better. Specifically, I could read faster and I felt like I could comprehend things more easily. I'm a little worried about the long-term effects of inhibiting the left hemisphere, so I'm especially hoping to hear about long-term T3-T4+ users' experiences and whether they experienced ... read more
    Latest Reddit tDCS PostsBy /u/FailureAblation5000
  • Glitching. Can anyone help?
    Why is happening? Been using my device for over a week (its new). Put it on a few moments ago beginning my session on 2mA and within 6 minutes I’m having that weird glitching. I turned it town to 1 however I just want to know how normal is this? Do I go down like I did because I’ve done it at this voltage every day without that glitching. Have you experienced this? How do you handle it. Thanks submitted by /u/dreaminginviolet [link] [comments] ... read more
    Latest Reddit tDCS PostsBy /u/dreaminginviolet
  • The Beam F3 System – Easier Way to Measure than the 10-20 System (includes free software)
    The Beam F3 System discussed at ncbi site shows an easier way to measure to find F3 location. The F3 location is a common location used for the Anode for a depression montage. This Beam F3 System uses 3 measurements - reference a PDF at this link. Targus to Targus - See Pg 18 Nasion to Inion - See pg 29 Circumference - See Pg 9 Download the software at this link. It will takes these values and shows you where to make the placement. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ submitted by /u/CDRChakotay ... read more
    Latest Reddit tDCS PostsBy /u/CDRChakotay
  • tDCS voltage
    This might be a dumb question, but as someone who knows more about electrical engineering than I do about neuroscience, what voltage should be coming out of these electrodes? I get that I should use 1-2 milliamps, and I understand electrode placement enough, but I can't seem to find anything on how much voltage should be going through my head. I intend to buy and make some electrodes today, so any help would be really appreciated. Thanks a bunch submitted by /u/owin0 [link] [comments] ... read more
    Latest Reddit tDCS PostsBy /u/owin0
  • Brain stimulation is my last option for panic/anxiety disorders| help
    I can't do meds. Every one of them has given me nasty side effects and suicidal. Too scared to do ECT because I don't to have any learning impairment. Therapy isn't enough. The trauma I went thru was caused by drug poisoning. Does anyone know of people helped by tdcs or Fisher Wallace stimulators? This my last hope... submitted by /u/creamfilles [link] [comments] ... read more
    Latest Reddit tDCS PostsBy /u/creamfilles
  • Tacs gamma made 15% faster in correctly solving complex Raven’s matrices
    Latest Reddit tDCS PostsBy /u/painkillerrr
  • The influence of transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS) on fluid intelligence: An fMRI study
    Latest Reddit tDCS PostsBy /u/painkillerrr
  • tDCS – Helps stop Monkey Mind by Shinzen Young
    Shinzen Young is an excellent mediation teacher. I came across this blog where discusses tDCS. submitted by /u/CDRChakotay [link] [comments] ... read more
    Latest Reddit tDCS PostsBy /u/CDRChakotay
  • Montages
    Latest Reddit tDCS PostsBy /u/CDRChakotay
  • product comparison
    Hi there I'm interested in trying tDCS for depression. I just recently heard about tDCS and I'm still doing my home work. I was on here not to long ago and i saw a site that had a tDCS product comparison sheet and i can no longer find it. I would appreciate it very much if somebody could drop a link to it. Thank you. submitted by /u/tuesdaywithouttacos [link] [comments] ... read more
    Latest Reddit tDCS PostsBy /u/tuesdaywithouttacos
  • Fluid intelligence has been significantly improved for the first time.
    Latest Reddit tDCS PostsBy /u/John_r1