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  • Whats a good tdcs device?
    Thinking of getting one for home use to help with pain treatment. which are most reliable? submitted by /u/avi_2727 [link] [comments] ... read more
    Posts from tDCS SubRedditBy /u/avi_2727
  • Focus Go Flow Pro tDCS Device Starter Kit or Brain stimulator?
    Focus Go Flow Pro tDCS Device Starter Kit or Brain stimulator? Which device do people like better? Haven't settled on a tdcs device yet, going to use it for my pain disorder. submitted by /u/avi_2727 [link] [comments] ... read more
    Posts from tDCS SubRedditBy /u/avi_2727
  • A “Turbo Charge” for Your Brain?
    Posts from tDCS SubRedditBy /u/DIYtDCS
  • Day 9 depression/anxiety
    Today is day 9 of using The Brain Stimulator v3.0. I am using the F3 FP2 montage. I have had positive results, though not as much as I had hoped for. I feel lighter for lack of a better word to describe, also an intermittent calmess that is VERY satisfying. My aim is to get to that calmness on a regular basis. Today I am thinking about using the alternate FP1 C2/OZ montage. Is there any advice to be had i.e. other montages that have a potentiating effect to the usual depression montage. Endorphine release would be great. ... read more
    Posts from tDCS SubRedditBy /u/Rubicon60
  • Bilateral extracephalic transcranial direct current stimulation improves endurance performance in healthy individuals
    Posts from tDCS SubRedditBy /u/DIYtDCS
  • question re: anode and cathode on Apex Type A 18V device
    I just posted this question to Apex, and was wondering if anyone has either seen this or can answer this question. Thanks!! Hi--I purchased an Apex Type A 18V off Amazon a few months back. This evening, I went to watch the instructional videos on this website, and noticed that the unit used in the video had (facing the unit) the red anode on the left and the black cathode on the right. On my unit, the black is on the left and the red is on the right. Since this is a direct current device, and the ... read more
    Posts from tDCS SubRedditBy /u/rsp1000
  • Neurohacking, DIY tDCS Device and schematics
    Posts from tDCS SubRedditBy /u/Neurohacks
  • tRNS and tACS device where to buy?
    I won't buy from v2, are there any other sellers that sells tRNS device? I do like the anti-depressants effects of TDCS, but I feel there is no change in creative output. (I am studying physics, topology) and play the piano. However I believe why this is: sciencedaily com/releases/2015/05/150505152140.htm In this link it basically says, the way brain communicates is through oscilations. Pertubing the brain in only one dimension, by applying a DC current limits potential connection to be formed and this limits creativity. This is why "Frohlich, though, said that using less common alternating current stimulation ... read more
    Posts from tDCS SubRedditBy /u/GoodGodHolyMoly
  • Why isn’t tDCS more popular? What holds it back?
    I am still in the closet as a user and I am going on 2 years now. People ask me what changed, how I got better, what worked and I don't bring up tDCS because it still seems so stigmatized (even by fellow listeners). I thought by now it would be more mainstream because, well, it works (or at least it has for me). What gives? submitted by /u/louderharderfaster [link] [comments] ... read more
    Posts from tDCS SubRedditBy /u/louderharderfaster
  • We systematically investigated the effect of tDCS dose on working memory using behavioural and neurophysiological outcomes.
    Posts from tDCS SubRedditBy /u/pheitmeyer
  • Electric Zap, Wakes Man After 15 Years…
    Posts from tDCS SubRedditBy /u/dreadpiraterobbie
  • And you thought you had a bunch of wires . . .
    Posts from tDCS SubRedditBy /u/seb21051
  • 5 Out of 7 Days?
    I am having trouble finding information, but I read somewhere that stimulating 5 out of 7 days may actually be more effective than every day. Does anyone have any information on this, or personal experience to share? submitted by /u/lars0178 [link] [comments] ... read more
    Posts from tDCS SubRedditBy /u/lars0178