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  • Brainwaves suppress obvious ideas to help us think more creatively
    Latest Reddit tDCS PostsBy /u/DIYtDCS
  • Can you feel the spots in your head that need + & -?
    I feel like there are certain dead or blocked sections of my head that cause anguish. I find myself rubbing or massaging those areas to get more circulation going. Are these locations a good indication of where I need TDCS stim? I’m sort of new to this and I’ve been diagnosed several times with ADHD so I find this whole process hard to grasp. I bought a Braindriver over a year ago and had some early moderate success using it. Until, I hit a plateau where I felt it wasn’t working anymore. I’m left handed, and I ... read more
    Latest Reddit tDCS PostsBy /u/drsherbert
  • 20 minutes per day or per montage?
    I've looked quite a lot of places online, and could never find a direct answer to this. How many montages do you use when you do tDCS sessions, and do you use 20 minutes as the maximum amount of tDCS per day, or do you do 20 minutes per montage? I tend to do several different montages each at 2mA and each 20 minutes. So far I have not seen any blatant adverse effects. What is everyone else's take on this and what is your tDCS regimen like in terms of how many times per week and how ... read more
    Latest Reddit tDCS PostsBy /u/EthericElder
  • tDCS user wanting to activate endogenous opioids
    Hello everyone. I have been using tDCS for several years and just now joined Reddit. I figured it was finally time because I need to network with others who are benefiting and/or experimenting with this brain-hacking modality, especially after the positive benefits I have had from several montages I have used. What I am interested in knowing is have any of you had success with triggering the release of endogenous opioids? If so, is there a specific montage you use or did you have to try several in order to do it. I know that, to achieve this, ... read more
    Latest Reddit tDCS PostsBy /u/EthericElder
  • 10/20 or eyeball it
    Just started with the depression Montage using an apex. Have been approximating the locations for the sponge pads and it seems to work okay. The pads are so large I don't see how you could go wrong or right for that matter LOL. How many people approximate and how many people major and strictly locate? submitted by /u/neurodork222 [link] [comments] ... read more
    Latest Reddit tDCS PostsBy /u/neurodork222
  • Seeking advice/ opinions – TDCS for studying
    Hey guys, Just wanted to hear anyone's thoughts/opinions. I am a student and I will be preparing for my boards for the next six months. I am really hoping to maximize my potential and retention during the next six months as all I will literally be doing is studying nonstop. I wanted to reach out before I made such an expensive purchase and listen to anyones thoughts to see if it would be beneficial to study with a TDCS (obviously not all of the time, but when I am doing practice questions), which "montages" to use, and which ... read more
    Latest Reddit tDCS PostsBy /u/FamiliarAssociate
  • Brain Inspired Podcast – Interview with Anna Wexler on tDCS, Consumer Products, DIY, and Regulation.
    Latest Reddit tDCS PostsBy /u/TheLucidSage
  • Anyone create their own DIY timer for the Apex Device?
    I just got the Apex Device and love the build. I'm new to this stuff and love that the meter shows what is actually going through your brain rather than what the device *says* it is doing. ​ I do not like that there is no built-in timer, however. I'm new to this. It is possible to have a seizure (cause anything is possible) and the darn thing doesn't have a shutoff. Has anyone built their own DIY shutoff for this device? If not, any DIYers have an idea for a simple timer mechanism I can add? ... read more
    Latest Reddit tDCS PostsBy /u/skrat22
  • Aren’t Apex’s electrodes too big?
    How would you 'only' target the F3 position with that electrode size? submitted by /u/BeanJimmy [link] [comments] ... read more
    Latest Reddit tDCS PostsBy /u/BeanJimmy
    Hi Guys, ​ As to how to develop a normal tdcs session on impulsivity (addictions). I wonder if the session should somehow be linked to the addiction you want to treat.................That is to say, If you want to reduce cigarrettes consumption, It should be appropiate to think on any cue to smoking when having a session (p.e.: lighter, cigarrette box etc......). ​ Thank you so much for any opinion. submitted by /u/lionisland47 [link] [comments] ... read more
    Latest Reddit tDCS PostsBy /u/lionisland47
  • Is this a good saline solution for tdcs
    Hi there. I am pretty mucch bored to have to make my own saline solution. ​ Is this a good saline solution for tdcs? submitted by /u/BeanJimmy [link] [comments] ... read more
    Latest Reddit tDCS PostsBy /u/BeanJimmy


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