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  • Fraunhofer Brainstimulation Workshop
    Hello guys, Julian here, I’m an Intern at Fraunhofer Center for Responsible Research and Innovation (CeRRI) in Berlin. We’re currently looking for participants for a workshop about non-invasive brain stimulation. It will approximately take around 2h with a questionnaire and a fun task. If you participate you’ll get 45€ transferred to your bank account, country and currency doesn't matter. There will be no right or wrong answers and you will be part of creating usage guidelines for the EU! There is more information about our research project on our website: Date: 8th September 2022, starting at ... read more
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  • Looking for my post in Feb of 2022.
    How do I find a post I made in the past possibly as a comment to someone's post? submitted by /u/jchamilt2002 [link] [comments] ... read more
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  • What’s the consensus on 4ma amp?
    So what's the consensus for putting on a device to 4ma? I heard from some posts a while back that the skin irritation makes it too difficult to maintain, anyone that tried 4ma experienced this? submitted by /u/deama15 [link] [comments] ... read more
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  • Can auricular vagus nerve stimulation be applied on both sides of the head simultaneously?
    I was wondering if a small part of the current might go through the head to the other ear if you apply it on both sides of the head? The currents used in auricular vns tend to be somewhat higher than the safe limits for usual tDCS. The taVNS device by Parasym can put out up to 36mA. I mean the current would probably not flow directly through cortical regions of the brain since the ears are on the height of the lower brainstem, but I can imagine that this current can not be considered safe for any ... read more
    Latest Reddit tDCS PostsBy /u/greentea387
  • Anyone sorted out what stimulating the sympathetic innervation pathway of the Pineal glad looks like?
    Latest Reddit tDCS PostsBy /u/teampegacorn503
  • What montage to use while working?
    Does anyone have any ideas on some montages that could be useful or interesting to try while working? I'm primarily working as a video editor and music producer so anything that could increase creativity or learning is interesting, but I am open for other ideas as well. submitted by /u/grebdnil [link] [comments] ... read more
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  • what tdcs device should I buy?
    I’m 17 years old and I suffer with adhd/dyscalculia and ocd I’m looking to improve my mathematical skills and overall cognitive skills how long could it take to see improvement and what’s the best ( affordable) device for me submitted by /u/Yeahdude16261 [link] [comments] ... read more
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  • Fisher-Wallace: how long for me to notice a difference?
    I suffer from depression & anxiety related to PTSD & wanted to try a non-pharmacological approach along with my medicine that doesn’t help completely. I just received it today but I was curious how long it takes to notice anything? submitted by /u/bluegrassmommy [link] [comments] ... read more
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  • tDCS multimeter changing amps
    I recently got the braindriver 2.1 and I have been calculating the amps using a multimeter. I was expecting to see a stable 0.5ma signal or a 2.0ma signal, but what I noticed is that it fluctuates. The 0.5ma setting goes from 0.2 to 0.9 back and forth. While the 2.0Ma goes from 1.5 to 2.9. A similar thing with the voltage, which goes from 0.5 to 1.5 back and fourth. Pulling out the battery and I get a stable .98 volt. Upon watching other tdcs videos of people using a multimeter with their Tdcs unit, their amperage ... read more
    Latest Reddit tDCS PostsBy /u/Hadouken300
  • What montage for meditation?
    Hi everyone, is there any montage that supports meditation? To make it easier to 'let go' of thoughts and desires? There was some research by Dr. Jay Sanguinetti showing that transcranial low-frequency focused ultrasound targeting and inhibiting the posterior cingulate cortex resulted in much better ability to enter deeper stages of meditation. Some reported that it was something they never experienced before, like an altered state of consciousness. Here is the link to a youtube video about this by the guardian. Not very scientific but nice to view: ​ I guess the posterior cingulate cortex lies way ... read more
    Latest Reddit tDCS PostsBy /u/greentea387
  • can one acquire bad conditioning from tDCS?
    from my understanding, tDCS causes neuroplasticity between the regions of the anode and cathode. my question is, if the montage utilized causes an unfavorable reaction (such as increasing depression/ anxiety or decrease in focus) wont that cause neuroplasticity and increase the wiring to this unfavorable reaction? submitted by /u/Obvious-Entrance7173 [link] [comments] ... read more
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  • Is More mA Better?
    I posted on Reddit about a clinical study in tDCS where different amounts of mA were used. 1 and 2 mA were used and it was found that 1 mA gave better results. I use to think that the more mA the better and have used 2 mA for nearly two years. I just tried 1 mA and feel that in my study of one it was better in my ability to pay attention and focus. This was the study: My question is, although I have reviewed many scientific studies on tDCS, I have not seen any ... read more
    Latest Reddit tDCS PostsBy /u/jchamilt2002
  • tDCS and sleep quality
    I have an ActivaDose II and have done a couple sessions of the standard depression montage (F3 anode, Fp2 cathode)k. I have noticed a boost in mental clarity and mood afterward, but it also seems to hinder my ability to enter deep sleep for a few days following. I can fall asleep alright, but it's 6-8 hours of very vivid REM sleep, which is cool initially, but the lack of deep sleep starts to take a toll after a day or two. I want to commit to a daily tDCS regimen, but this side effect is giving ... read more
    Latest Reddit tDCS PostsBy /u/Grognoscente
  • Can the vagus nerve be too stimulated?
    Hi, ive bought the sensate 2 recently and used it for about a week twice a day roughly. However while it does make me feel good while i use it I've felt a kind of overstimulation, my heart pumps really hard at times, could this be due to vagus nerve stimulation? should i go slower or stop alltogether? Does anybody have experience with this? submitted by /u/fuckfcbauerninzest [link] [comments] ... read more
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