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  • focus EEG Dev Kit – really closes the loop?
    Am I understanding this right .. this device can do 6-8 channel EEG as well as tDCS? so you can scan the brain and then provide electrical stimulation via the tDCS part of it to fix the "problem"? This would be the only device of it's kind a steal at approx $1000 because other such systems cost around $5000-6,000 and upwards. And it has dry electrodes so no fiddling around with goop. your thoughts? submitted by /u/kuteguy [link] [comments] ... read more
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  • Found a quick intro to the 10-20 system
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  • over the counter, consumer EEG?
    I'm picturing something like the brainstimulator, but for EEG. Someone else has put the EEG device together. I know of these two. http://openbci.com http://www.foc.us/eeg The openbci is parts and open source software (I think). That's extra work to put it together. And it's still around $300-400 I think. The Focus EEG has more electrodes, but it's a freaking $1,000. Are there any premade EEG devices that are <$200? They probably only have a single electrode at that price. That would still be fine. submitted by /u/redidtsmith [link] [comments] ... read more
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  • Has anyone here tried Slow Cortical Potential neurofeedback as a way to make the benefits of tdcs permanent?
    The gains from neurofeedback are permanent, while the gains from tdcs are transient. By training slow cortical potentials you are increasing the overall voltage in your brain on your own and you can quit training once you have reached a satisfactory level. Has anyone tried this? submitted by /u/fucc_de_la_boi [link] [comments] ... read more
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  • Intelligence – working memory – vigilance = what’s left?
    Working memory and vigilance are probably easy to measure, like motor skills. And then there's longer term memory. Still measurable. If you working memory and vigilance out of the process though -- just say there's enough, plenty, more than enough but not so much that itself is an issue -- then what? I'm not sure I'd call working memory and vigilance intelligence by themselves either. I could picture someone who can't keep things in mind too long, maybe with "ADHD".... but still have that person be intelligent. For longer term memory, I'd say there's an element of being ... read more
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  • TMSuino
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  • T/3- T/4 or T7/T8…
    I am using 2" round sponge electrodes for a montage that has been very effective for me since I came across it two years ago but I would now like to know more about what I am actually "doing" with this montage. It's called "Improving Insightfulness". I just went with the graphic on the tdcsplacements.com page, which says t3/t4 on it, while the broken link to the study referenced says T7/T8. Many posters have said that this site has many errors and now I can't find the study itself. I've been placing the electrodes just above ... read more
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  • Is this a single electrode (cheap) EEG?
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  • Do brain waves have harmonics?
    If they have a frequency, wouldn't there be a harmonic? Every other wave, every three, every fourth, etc.? submitted by /u/redidtsmith [link] [comments] ... read more
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  • Wouldn’t tDCS affect brain waves?
    If a brain wave is an oscillation, is tDCS jamming that oscillation in one direction a bit more? submitted by /u/redidtsmith [link] [comments] ... read more
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  • So… brain waves? Any info or thoughts?
    For tACS I keep seeing alpha waves mentioned. Does anyone have good but beginner info on brain waves? There are alpha, beta, theta, and gamma waves? With a quick youtube search I found this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h5LT9b-L9_Y But it's a fake voice youtube video. I can understand one neuron or regional linking to another with an electric signal or nearly instant bursts of electricity connecting multiple brain regions for thoughts. I'm a little fuzzy on the point of brain waves though -- What they are, why they are, only one at a time or all four going on at the ... read more
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  • Blog about getting tDCS treatments for Trigeminal Neuralgia and chronic pain..and it has lowered pain dramatically!
    So I have being doing tDCS treatments at my Dr's office 20min 2x a week @ 2 mA. I started tDCS because I have multiple Pain disorders in form of severe central sensitization disorder, chronic Neuropathic pain, chronic migraines, Fibromyalgia, and Trigeminal Neuralgia. My Dr was researching how tDCS could help chronic pain and Im very impressed that its actually helping. My pain levels when I started were at a 9/10 pain and now I'm easily at a 5/10 and we're lowering my pain medications. This is a great treatment option. https://youngandchronic.wixsite.com/youngandchronic/single-post/2017/07/09/How-To-Be-Electrified submitted ... read more
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  • Jaušovec tACS studies / tACS montages
    Increasing intelligence by Norbert Jaušovec and Anja Pahor There's a section on tACS in the book that lists studies and montages I believe. I want to make a list here of those. tRNS also in the book I think. From glancing through it I think most of the studies were motor focused (easier to measure), working memory, or vigilance focused. submitted by /u/redidtsmith [link] [comments] ... read more
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  • Increased Awareness??
    Was wondering if anyone has tried the "Increased Awareness" montage (-F4/+P10) listed in tDCS Montage Guide. If so, any comment or observations?? submitted by /u/rfandy [link] [comments] ... read more
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  • tRNS parameters: how strong, how often, how similar to tDCS?
    I just picked up a focus V2, mainly for the tRNS capability (may also experiment with tACS at some point). I've had a hard time finding reviews or any kind of comprehensive research like that that describes what we know about safe operating parameters and how to apply it. Do you know of any? submitted by /u/incredulitor [link] [comments] ... read more
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