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The Brain Stimulator is not a medical device and as such, it has not been reviewed or approved by the FDA. The Brain Stimulator does not claim to diagnose, assist, treat, improve, cure, or prevent any medical condition or ailment whatsoever. The Brain Stimulator, Inc. does not make any recommendations or claims with the sale of this kit, and what you do with it is your sole responsibility. Do not use Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) if you have any metal or electrical implants such as a pacemaker, or have a history of seizures. Do not use tDCS unless you have a full understanding of tDCS and have spoken with your primary care physician regarding any risks or concerns. By using The Brain Stimulator product you agree to these terms and conditions.



The Brain Stimulator v3.0 tDCS Device Tracing Outlines

(1) Electrode Port – For connecting the electrode cable to the device.

(2) [UP] Button – Turns on the device, and increases the current level.

(3) [DOWN] Button – Decreases the current level, and turns off the device from the 0.5mA level.

(4) [OFF] Button – Instantly shuts off output current flow and turns off the device.

(5) Current Indicating LEDs – When illuminated, indicates the level of current flowing.

(6) Low Battery LED – Flashes YELLOW when the battery needs to be replaced, and RED in the unlikely event of an operation error.



30min Session/Safety Timer – After 30-minutes of use, the device will slowly ramp down the current flow and power off the device. This feature can be used as a session timer so you can “set-and-forget.”

Constant-Voltage – Voltage boosting technology allows the device to operate consistently with an internal voltage of 12-volts (+/- 0.5V)

Reverse Battery Protection – Prevents the device from operating should the battery be installed incorrectly.

Over-Current Protection – This feature prevents the device from ever exceeding 2.25mA at any time. If the device detects an over-current issue, the device will immediately shut off and the Low Battery LED will flash RED for 5 seconds. The device will not turn on again. In the unlikely event this should happen, please discontinue use and contact customer support.

Over-Voltage Protection – This feature prevents the device from ever exceeding 13-volts at any time. If the device detects an over-voltage issue, the device will immediately shut off, and the Low Battery LED will flash RED for 5 seconds. The device will not turn on again. In the unlikely event this should happen, please discontinue use and contact customer support.



Battery Installation

For best results, we recommend using a new, non-rechargeable 9-volt battery. Slide the cover off of the back compartment on the device and insert your battery. Integrated Reverse Battery Protection prevents the device from operating if the battery is reversed, so if your device does not turn on, you may need to flip the battery to align the positive/negative (+/-) terminals.

Connecting Electrodes

Take the white electrode cable supplied with your kit and insert the right-angled plug into the electrode port at the top of The Brain Stimulator. On the opposite end of the cable, you will find your electrode connectors. The Red connector is the Anode (positive, stimulating electrode) and the Black connector is the Cathode (negative, inhibiting electrode). You will need to differentiate the two connectors when you begin looking at electrode placements.

If you purchased the Basic Kit, your electrode cable will have alligator clip connectors, which you will use to clip onto the included sponges. Please ensure that no metal parts of the alligator clip touches the skin during stimulation. This can be avoided by inserting one prong of the alligator clip into the side of the sponge, or by clipping onto the top of the sponge.

If you purchased either the Advanced or Deluxe Kit, your cable will feature banana plug connectors, which insert directly into the side of the included sponge electrodes. We designed the connection to fit snugly, so you may need to use firm pressure to insert the connector plug. When disconnecting, grip the rubber connector, never pull by the cord.

Note: Both the Alligator Clip and Banana Plug cables can be purchased separately in our online store.



Saline Solution

Saline solution is an important factor in improving conductivity and ensuring a comfortable and effective tDCS session. Prepare saline solution by following the instructions featured on the back of your saline solution applicator bottle (available in our online store), or by mixing 1/4 teaspoon of salt, with 8oz of water in a cup. Generously apply the solution to the yellow sponges, until they are thoroughly saturated.

Cleanse Bare-Skin

If you plan to position your electrodes on any bare-skin, non-hair covered areas, wash the target area beforehand removing any dirt, oil, lotion, makeup, or any other products which may have been previously used on the area.

Secure Electrodes

Identify the electrode placement you will be using, and position the electrodes accordingly with the sponges against the skin. Be sure not to reverse the Anode & Cathode positioning, as studies suggest this has a potential to produce opposite effects. Secure the electrodes in place using a headband or other fastening material. For best results, the electrodes should be pressed firmly against your body, and saline solution should saturate through any hair, reaching the surface of your skin.



Deciding where to place the electrodes for your tDCS session is very important. Scientific studies focusing on tDCS have shown that different electrode placements, more commonly referred to as “Montages,” produce different and unique results.

Everyone’s situation and desired goals with tDCS are different; therefore we cannot specifically recommend any one particular montage. It is up to you as the user to do your own research to determine how you would like to use tDCS.

To help get you started, we have compiled a list of websites which provide information about common tDCS montages, including graphical positioning guides. You can find links to these websites along with additional information about montages on the Electrode Placements page of our website:

Please note: The Brain Stimulator, Inc. is not responsible for content located on third party external websites.



Pressing the [UP] button once will turn on the device and slowly ramp up the current to 0.5mA. The blue illuminated LED indicates that the device is on and that output current is flowing. Once you feel comfortable, you can continue to increase the current level by pressing the [UP] button until you reach your desired stimulation level. We recommend pausing at each current level for 15-30 seconds, or until comfortable, to provide for a smooth transition.



You may feel a slight tingling or itching sensation when first turning on the device, or when increasing the current level. For most people these sensations are reasonable, and will often dissipate after 15-30 seconds. If these sensations persist, here are a few things you can try:

  • Slightly adjust the positioning of the electrodes
  • Apply additional saline solution to the sponges
  • Apply pressure to the electrodes (to help saturate the area)
  • Lower the current level using the [DOWN] button

However, If you ever experience a sensation which you are uncomfortable with, stop your session immediately by using the [OFF] button.



After 30 minutes of use, the device will begin slowly ramping down the current, and then power off. Should you wish to end your session earlier, simply press the [DOWN] button repeatedly to cycle through the current levels and turn off the device. Just as with increasing the current, when decreasing the current it’s best to pause momentarily at each current level to provide for a smooth transition.

Alternatively, should you ever wish to end your session immediately, the [OFF] button acts as an “instant-off” feature.

Please note, pressing the [OFF] button will instantly shut off the output current, while pressing the [DOWN] button slowly ramps down the output current. Slowly ramping down the current is the most comfortable way to end a tDCS session, therefore we recommend only using the [OFF] button if you feel the need to end your session immediately.




If you purchased the Basic Kit, it is a good practice to rinse out your sponges after each tDCS session, attempting to remove as much saline solution as possible. After rinsing, squeeze out any remaining liquid, and set aside to dry.


If you purchased either the Advanced or Deluxe Kit, you can extend the life of your electrodes by cleaning them after each tDCS session. To clean your electrodes, start by unplugging the cables by pulling from the plug (not the cable), and removing the yellow sponges from the rubber encasing. Rinse the sponges under water, attempting to remove as much saline solution as possible. After rinsing, squeeze out any remaining liquid, and set aside to dry.

Additionally, it is also a good practice to rinse clean the rubber encasing and metal mesh after each tDCS session. We suggest rinsing each part separately, by removing the metal mesh from the rubber encasing. After rinsing, use a paper towel to dry both the encasing and metal mesh. The metal mesh should be completely dry when finished.


While regularly cleaning your sponges can help to extend their life, after multiple sessions the quality of the sponges will begin to degrade, lowering conductivity and lessening the effectiveness of tDCS. For best results, we recommend you replace your sponges every two weeks, or after 7 tDCS sessions. Replacement sponges can be found in packs of 10 through our online store: Replacement Sponges



On our website, we created a resource of Frequently Asked Questions, which is comprised of the most common questions presented to us by our customers. We tried to answer each question in the most straightforward and simplistic manner possible for ease of understanding. The page is filled with a ton of information about tDCS, and we are continuously expanding upon it with additional information. You can find our FAQ page at the following link:

If our FAQ’s don’t satisfy your thirst for answers, you can always contact us directly with any questions, comments, concerns, feedback, or anything else that may be stimulating your brain (get it?)

Once again, we would like to thank you for your purchase and to welcome you to The Brain Stimulator Family!

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