Announcing: The Travel Model – Version 2.0

October 10, 2015

It has only been 6 short months since we first introduced our incredibly small and portable Travel Model tDCS device. We worked long and hard to create this nifty little device, and we were ecstatic to see the market response. However, we received a lot of feedback over the last few months, and we think it’s time to update our beloved portable device.

Introducing The Brain Stimulator Travel Model – Version 2.0!!

We listened to your feedback and made some updates to the product that we really think you’ll love. The main change in our new version is the addition of a small, current-indicating blue LED light. Now the Travel Model will have the same ON/OFF visual indicator just like the original Brain Stimulator has. You’ll never have to worry about leaving your device on and draining the battery. When the device is switched on, the LED will illuminate informing you that the device is on and current is flowing. When you’re done using the device, just switch the device off and the LED will turn off as well.

But we didn’t stop there… We also programed additional functionality, so that not only does the LED light function as a visual ON/OFF indicator, it also doubles as a low-battery indicator! As the internal battery looses power over time, the internal circuitry will track the available voltage to determine the battery’s health. As soon as the battery starts to loose its effectiveness, the LED light will start flashing, alerting the user that the battery needs to be replaced. We are the first company on the market to implement low-battery technology into a tDCS device. With this new functionality, you can be sure that your tDCS device is always performing at the highest standards possible.

On top of the added LED, we completely replaced the detachable electrode cable which comes with the device. The new electrode cable utilizes a much smaller, 2.5mm jack as opposed to the 3.5mm jack used on the original Travel Model. Additionally, the new white cable fuses the Anode and Cathode wires together, similar to the wires used with headphones. The fused cables have the ability to be pulled apart (so they’re two separate wires) so that you can alter the cables to reach those hard to reach montages.

We’re incredibly excited to release this product to the public, and to hear what our customers think of the changes we’ve made. We have personally been testing and using this device for almost a month now, and we LOVE it. We hope that you will love it too 🙂

Scheduled release for The Brain Stimulator Travel Model – Version 2.0  is currently Early November.

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