Anecdotal experience of my first tdcs session, became slightly retarded and my cat is acting weird.

I just received my PriorMind TDCS unit (great unit) 15 minutes of the DARPA montage, stimulating F10 and the black unit on my left bicep.

I definitely felt altered in a way that I’m not sure I can describe, I stopped after 15 minutes because my cat was acting weird and giving me strange looks and eventually climbed on the unit causing it become partially unplugged creating strobes of flashing light (I understand the flashes are normal now).

I took a quick drive to the store after, and when I got on the road I started to second guess myself if I should be driving, I felt slightly out of control and at the store I had a hard time communicating with the cashier, and stumbled a few times being unable to remember something that I thought I needed to pickup.

So basically I became slightly retarded for an hour, and my cat seems very worried about me. I’m not sure if I’ll proceed with this montage again. I do think there is something to this montage, my inner dialogue flows very naturally but trying to communicate or operate machine is more challenged.

I’m not sure why my cat was acting so weird, seriously he’s never acted like this before, and it actually kind of spooked me out a little bit.

Thanks reddit!

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