Nervous noob: seeking some general advice/info for depression montage with “the brain stimulator”

The #1 disclaimer on the side of this subreddit reads:

1.Using a tDCS device safely requires (at minimum) a basic understanding of Ohm’s law and its implications. If you don’t understand why you can be killed by a 9V battery, you probably shouldn’t be tDCSing yourself.

Ruh roh. I took a basic engineering course in college, and the only thing I definitely remember is that I never really understood how electrical circuits work… I could memorize enough to get by, but I never really understood any of it. I’m dumb enough to do this anyway, so any help with not dying would be great.

I’ve been reading articles all day long but they don’t really help me… I want specifics for my exact situation, which is as follows:

  • I bought “The Brain Stimulator” with the deluxe accessories, which uses two very large sponges (about 2″x2″).

  • I bought this for depression/anxiety. I am not attempting to make myself a genius, I’m just hoping to feel less shitty.

  • I was hoping to use a montage that placed an electrode on the arm/shoulder because they seem less prone to some problems.

  • I was hoping to avoid any montages with an electrode so close to my eye, due to the “flashing lights” some have reported.

  • That said, I realize that the popular depression montage seems to be F3/Fp2, but I’m willing to try it.

Any advice/pictures/links extremely appreciated. I am currently using the 10/20 positioning manual for placement info, which I believe I am following/understanding pretty clearly, but F3/Fp2 seem so damn close, and so damn close to my eye…

Thanks so much!

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