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tDCS and Cognition

What if you could improve your memory, perform better at work or at school, or even learn new information up to twice as fast? Thousands of scientific studies have been published exploring the ability of tDCS to influence human cognition, memory, problem-solving abilities, focus, insight, decision-making, and mathematical and language learning skills.

tDCS and Quality of Life

Research is being conducted all over the world examining  Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation’s potential to assist with depression, anxiety, chronic pain, social interactions, risk-taking behavior, and addictive tendencies. Furthermore, exciting research is developing in regard to debilitating disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, PTSD, OCD, Alzheimers, Dementia, Schizophrenia, effects from stroke, epilepsy, traumatic brain injury, and more…

Experience the Difference

Our tDCS devices feature advanced industry-leading technology, and unparalleled safety features. All of our devices undergo rigorous testing and quality control screenings during the manufacturing process to ensure every product we ship performs to the highest standards possible. Furthermore, we only utilize precision components in our tDCS circuitry, which means your device will produce extremely accurate constant-current each and every time you turn it on.

Try tDCS Today!

If you’re looking to discover what Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation can do for you, then look no further! With only a handful of devices currently on the market, The Brain Stimulator tDCS Devices offer more options then competitors for a fraction of what they charge. We currently offer complete tDCS kits for as low as $129.95! Check out our online store and explore the various products and accessories we offer, fitting the needs of everyone from novices to advanced tDCS connoisseurs.

The Brain Stimulator v3.0

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The Brain Stimulator v3.0 tDCS Device

The Brain Stimulator

With push buttons and 5 indicator LED’s, this device is a breeze to use. The “UP” and “DOWN” buttons are used to select between current levels, while the “OFF” button functions as an “instant-off” feature, allowing the user to immediately end a session. We also added a Low Battery indicator, which will alert you when the battery needs to be replaced (90hr+ battery life).

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Just like our other tDCS devices, The Brain Stimulator v3.0 uses a standard 9-volt battery. But to improve efficiency, special voltage boosting technology has been implemented, allowing the device to operate internally at a full 12-volts (+/-0.5V). So regardless of the electrode position you’re using, you can be sure the device will produce accurate current. Additionally, we reprogrammed The Brain Stimulator to include a “constant-voltage” system so the device operates continuously at 12-volts, regardless of battery health. This means that, unlike other tDCS devices, you will receive the same level of effectiveness out of The Brain Stimulator v3.0 each and every time you turn it on.

The Brain Stimulator v3.0 features intermediate current stepping in-between the four selectable current options. In other words, when you increase the stimulation current from 0.5mA to 1.0mA, the current output pauses momentarily at 0.75mA before reaching 1.0mA. This provides for smoother transitions and an incredibly comfortable tDCS experience. Additionally, you can put away that kitchen timer because we integrated a 30-minute session timer! This new feature gently lowers the output current and turns off the device once the time limit has been reached.

Finally, we've included some of the most advanced safety features in the industry, such as Reverse Battery Protection, which prevents the device from operating should the battery be installed incorrectly. Over-Current Protection, which prevents the device from ever exceeding 2.25mA at any time. Over-Voltage Protection, preventing the device from ever exceeding 13-volts at any time, and of course, the 30-minute session & safety timer. Once the time limit is reached, the device will slowly ramp down the current and power off the device.

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Select A Kit

Brain Stimulator v3 Basic tDCS Device Kit

The Basic Kit

The bare minimum to get started with tDCS
Includes the device, alligator clip cables, and a 10 pack of sponges.


Brain Stimulator v3 Advanced tDCS Device Kit

The Advanced Kit

An upgraded kit including gold-plated cables, professional sponge electrodes, and an electrode positioning headband.


Brain Stimulator v3 Deluxe tDCS Device Kit

The Deluxe Kit

The best of the best. This complete kit includes everything you will need to access any electrode placement and succeed with tDCS.


Purchasing The Brain Stimulator device has been one of the best choices I’ve made, first as a human and secondly as a student. This device not only increased my mental acuity and the efficient processing of incoming data, but also has calmed my mental chatter substantially…

– Mitchel R.

Great tDCS kit! Came with everything I was looking for. I became interested in tDCS when I read it could help improve memory. I can already see significant improvements in my everyday life. I would definitely recommend trying this!


Depression is like being trapped in the jungle… Like a marine behind enemy lines trying to survive and trying to find something, anything, a freakin’ stick to fight your way out. Well, The Brain Stimulator is a machete. Thanks for my machete, and I wish you luck getting them distributed to my fellow marines!

– John H.


I have been using my Travel Model device for over a week and I can already see a huge difference. Recommended!!!

– Mary Coggins

I bought the Brain Stimulator after reading about the effects of tDSC on mood and depression, and I’ve been very, very surprised by the positive effect it’s had on my mood. My ability to focus has also improved markedly. I’m still sorting out how to most effectively use tDCS, but I was taken aback by how quickly it helped me. Also, just a shout-out to their customer service: I mistakenly purchased the wrong replacement sponges, and when I asked for a return/exchange, the company responded very quickly, with no hassle, and refunded the difference of price. Yay!

– Brooke B.

All of our tDCS Devices are Made in the USA - Absolute 100% Quality Guaranteed

All of our tDCS devices are manufactured in the USA in sunny Southern California.
Every single component that goes into our tDCS devices is purchased from an American company.
Furthermore, every single product we sell comes from companies located within the United States.

We believe in doing whatever possible to maintain the highest quality standards for our products.
By working with US companies, we’re able to control the quality standards of our product from design to shipment.


Hassle-Free Returns

Every purchase from The Brain Stimulator is protected with a 30-day, Hassle-Free Return Policy, and a one year Warranty on parts and labor. We stand by our products’ quality 100%.  Should anything ever go wrong, we’ll do our very best to fix it.

If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, or decide that tDCS is not for you, just let us know and we’ll take care of everything!
We treat our customers how we would wish to be treated. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy.