I first became interested in tDCS in 2013 when the grass roots DIY tDCS movement was strong, and the only commercially available products were a featureless and poorly assembled $40 kit, and the $300 device which was quite expensive and had some serious safety concerns. I decided I wanted to try out tDCS for myself to see if it could improve my cognitive function (make me superhuman), but figured that I could probably design a model that was better than what was currently available. So I started tinkering around with schematics and creating prototypes, until I finally landed on a design that incorporated everything that I wanted to see included in a tDCS device.


And thus was born, The Brain Stimulator.

I originally started by making and testing each device by hand in my garage and listing them for sale on eBay. As sales started to increase, I created this website and began releasing updated versions of the product. But as interest in tDCS and The Brain Stimulator started to grow, I found it harder and harder to keep up with the orders that were pouring in. Whereas when I first started out I would receive maybe 1-2 sales a week, I was now starting to see 1-2 sales per day. Before I knew it, I was hiring electrical engineers from my college and turning my dining room table into a miniature manufacturing facility!

As demand continued to grow, I constantly had to place the product on backorder and knew that I needed to move into a more professional location. So a few months before graduation, I packed everything up and moved operations into a large-scale electronics manufacturing facility in Southern California. I couldn’t be happier with our new location. Every device is hand-made by some of the nicest people you will ever meet, and their microscopic attention to detail and quality control, exceeds even my highest standards. Additionally, I am constantly working side-by-side with electrical engineers at the facility, to not only expand the feature set, but improve the safety features of our devices.

All of this was happening while I was in the process of completing my final semester of college. I received a lot of recognition from my school for my work on this product and the company I had built, all while still attending classes. I entered the Business Plan competition at my University, where I learned an incredible amount about what it would take to make this business successful. On the 22nd of May, 2014 I was awarded Third Place in the Silicon Valley Business Plan Competition. Additionally, before graduating I received a scholarship from my University to attend the European Innovation Academy, a 3-week program in Nice, France during the summer of 2014. All of the knowledge and advice I gained from the teachers and mentors I met while attending college has been an integral part of the success of this venture.

My goal is to create an industry standard for consumer TransCranial Direct Current Stimulation, and to continually improve the safety and acceptance of this technology, all while simultaneously educating the public as to all of the incredible results that can be experienced from tDCS. Early on when I started this company, I learned that if you treat others right, they will treat you with the same kindness and respect. Therefore, I made a promise when I sold the very first Brain Stimulator that I would do whatever necessary to keep the products I sold affordable, and of the highest quality standards.


I want to put a tDCS device into the hands of everyone who is interested in the technology, regardless of their social status, age, situation, or financial restrictions. So check us out! Browse our website to learn more about tDCS and our products, or drop us a line. We’re still a very small company, so I may even be the one who answers your email 🙂 I also frequent Reddit’s tDCS Community under the username “ThatOnetDCSGuy”.


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