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Purchasing the Brain Stimulator device has been one of the best choices I’ve made, first as a human and secondly as a student. This device has not only increase mental acuity and the efficient processing of incoming data, but also has calmed my mental chatter substantially, allowing for deep periods of introspection and focus. I don’t feel like I could function right without this little device!
– “The Student”
I heard about The Brain Stimulator from my sisters who have had great success with the device. One struggles with focus and the other struggles with anxiety, both swear by this product. I experienced great customer service, the support team caught an order error on my part and immediately sent an email to make sure I was ordering the proper sized replacement sponges. The best part is the support team was not a computer but an actual person! They seem very genuine and definitely made my life easier by saving me time and money. I can’t wait to try my tCDS device!
– Catherine
The most notable result has been a substantial decrease in the internal dialogue or “brain chatter.” That alone would enhance other mental qualities, such as focus and memorization. The focus aspect has been exceedingly increased; I feel like awareness personified. My brain also feels immensely efficient at sorting incoming data and sensing information. I’ve also experienced deep states of calm, introspection.
– “Super Brain”
Depression is like being trapped in the jungle like a marine behind enemy lines, trying to survive, and trying to find something, anything, a freakin’ stick to fight your way out. Well, The Brain Stimulator is a machete. Thanks for my machete, and I wish you luck getting them distributed to my fellow marines. 🙂
– Anonymous
I bought the Brain Stimulator after reading about the effects of tDSC on mood and depression, and I’ve been very, very surprised by the positive effect it’s had on my mood. My ability to focus has also improved markedly. I’m still sorting out how to most effectively use tDCS, but I was taken aback by how quickly it helped me. Also, just a shout-out to their customer service: I mistakenly purchased the wrong replacement sponges, and when I asked for a return/exchange, the company responded very quickly, with no hassle, and refunded the difference of price. Yay!
– Brooke
I’ve had the travel version of The Brain Stimulator for just over two weeks. This little device is incredible, and I won’t hesitate for a second to say that it’s changed my life. I found out about tDCS on an episode of Radiolab, at which point I feverishly read and watched everything I could find online. There’s a wealth of knowledge to be found on the subject, from YouTube (check out UC Davis’ tDCS Summit) to the subreddit r/tDCS, in which the folks over at The Brain Stimulator are active participants. I looked into many of the devices found online and even considered building my own. The price point of this device made buying it a no-brainer (no pun intended). It’s supremely easy to use, the instructions are clear, and the build quality of all of the parts, pieces, and accessories seems top-notch. I highly–HIGHLY–recommend The Brain Stimulator and tDCS in general. I use the device at least daily, and the effects it’s had on me are notable to say the least. I’ve been able to put down certain self-medicating bad habits and rein in my anxiety (and thereby anger and depression, too). I’ve seen marked improvement in my mood and my scores on a variety of brain games, not to mention how clean I keep my house, how often I’m exercising, and loads more. At a very stressful time in my life, this little device has helped me keep it together and given me clarity. It’s truly a gift. And they go out of their way to source from local companies, ship quickly, and respond almost instantly to queries! There’s nothing not to like. Buy one. Seriously.
– Karl F.
With the unit on I immediately became focused on the work I was doing, and felt I was steamrollering through it. I would normally become distracted or disheartened when hitting a problem. With the unit on, I found I was just working straight through with momentum, solving problems as I went. This was very different from how I normally work.
– “Streamlined Work”
The speed in which I memorized so many lines of the script was amazing. I had been working on them for weeks and after 20 min of use and a few hours of work, I was so so much more confident in front of my director.
– “The Actor”
I’m always looking for ways to improve myself. I stumbled upon the tDCS subreddit and was very intrigued. I impulse purchased The Brain Stimulator after hearing the radio lab interview and haven’t been disappointed. I use it to aid in meditation and have found it to quiet the noise in my head. I have recommended this to all of my friends and family recruiting quite a few of them. This has been a life changing purchase and I thank you for creating such a useful and simple device.
– Anonymous
I’ve been using The Brain Stimulator for a few months now. It is a high-quality product and simple to use. I recently bought a second unit for my partner, and unfortunately after a month’s use there was an issue and it broke. I contacted the company for a replacement, and let me tell you – the customer service was beyond excellent! I am an entrepreneur who has helped run several online businesses, so I know good customer service when I get it. They responded to the issue, communicated well, and mailed out a replacement very quickly! I am proud to support this business, and can’t recommend them enough.
– Emiko S.
In the 3 months since I began using it, I have had just 1 (ONE) day where I experienced any noticeable depression symptoms. I am having the best sleep I have ever had consistently. I have an experience of alertness that far surpasses anything else I have ever seen and I’m taking no stimulants whatsoever.
– “No Longer Depressed”
My experience with The Brain Stimulator, Inc. has been stellar. Especially the customer service. You were courteous and responsive far beyond anything I could have imagined. Keep up the amazing work!
– Matthew from Purchase, New York
Yesterday I received The Brain Stimulator, all the way over here in the UK. Firstly I was impressed how quickly it arrived, so thanks for that, but now onto the good stuff.I am a 55 year old vet of the British Police. In recent years I have suffered with PTSD along with associated anxiety and depression. It has been completely debilitating. I have been on all sorts of drugs including anti psychotics and also therapies, which have helped but not cured.This morning I tried The Brain Stimulator (totally aware that is not medically endorsed, but frankly desperate) after having done a lot of research online. I used it for 15mins, electrodes positioned for depression on 1mA. I was nervous and not sure what to expect. During the session I felt a slight tingling from the electrodes. On completion after a few minutes I felt a warm sensation in the front of my head. Then I realized, IT HAD GONE! The anxiety, the fear, the depression. This has lasted all day and into the next. No longer do I feel paranoia walking down the street. I cannot adequately tell you how much better I feel, for the first time in years. Thank you, really thank you so much.
– Peter from Kent, UK
By June of 2014, I had been depressed so long that I’d practically forgotten what it feels like to feel “normal”. I have had frequent suicidal ideations since I was a teenager. Rumination on my problems and pessimistic or fatalistic thoughts have been my constant companion. For 20 years, I’ve been struggling to find solutions – coping strategies, medicines, exercise, socialization – I’ve tried it all. And they all helped somewhat, but I could never seem to find anything that made me feel “normal”.If you’ve been feeling bad for so long that you’ve forgotten how good it feels to be alive, I can empathize with you. I had reached the point where even the “good” times didn’t feel good, because I had a persistent, meta-cognitive, inner-critical process that had become abusive to my well-being.Then I heard a report on Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) on RadioLab. The report described how tDCS helps many users to quiet the critical inner voice and just do what needs to be done. I’m a hacker at heart, so there was something deeply encouraging about the idea that I had, not an unconquerable genetic/chemical anomaly, but a short circuit – neurons that had become overtaxed, and needed realignment through current flow.I wasn’t intimidated by the prospect of altering my brain, because the currents involved were so small – ~2/1000ths of an Amp, a current that can be provided by a 9-volt battery – but I had a healthy skepticism. So I did my research, and I was surprised and heartened to find hundreds of scientific studies demonstrating the effectiveness of tDCS at managing or eliminating depression. Thousands of people have already found long-term respite from depression through just a tiny nudge of electrical potential. I was convinced that this was something I had to try.I researched the available tDCS devices on the market, and concluded that I needed one key feature – the ability to reliably control my current flow. With that in mind, The Brain Stimulator was the simplest, most-inexpensive, and most intuitive device on the market. The Brain Stimulator is a simple, intuitive device, with a physical knob that adjusts current smoothly to your specification. As you turn the knob, there is a satisfying “click”, accompanied instantaneously by the sensation of an increasing current flow, as you increase your dosage from 0.5 mA to 1.0 mA to 1.5 mA to 2.0 mA (max). The Brain Stimulator works, and you can feel it working.During the nearly 8 weeks I’ve been self-administering tDCS with The Brain Stimulator (all on my original 9-volt battery!), I’ve felt profound changes in my mood. My self-destructive inner voice, once loud and persistent, has become as quiet as a kitten, and easily dismissed. I feel more open to life, and more resilient. My ability to act confidently to improve my life has dramatically improved. I second-guess myself less, and adapt more quickly. I exercise more, and set up fewer artificial barriers to my goals. I make decisions more easily, with less fear, uncertainty, and doubt. I talk to people without distracting feelings of shame and unworthiness. My relationship with my girlfriend has improved, as has my performance at work. And I finally found the courage and self-confidence to find a better job with better pay!Equally important, I’ve learned to relax and be still without inwardly criticizing and berating myself. Sometimes you just need to turn off the inner critic, and let yourself be human, in order to be happy. The Brain Stimulator’s tDCS treatments helped me to do that.My life has been altered dramatically for the better in just 8 weeks of self-administered tDCS treatments with The Brain Stimulator. If you’d like to read more about how I used The Brain Stimulator and tDCS, I wrote about it here. If you’ve been depressed for years, and medicine hasn’t helped, I highly recommend The Brain Stimulator
– MagicC

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