Is The Brain Stimulator like the Halo Sport?

YES! Our products use the same technology (transcranial direct current stimulation) as the Halo Sport headphones. The only difference between The Brain Stimulator and Halo Sport (other than price), is The Brain Stimulator provides the user with the flexibility to position the electrodes in multiple arrangements.

The incredible thing about tDCS is that different electrode placements (referred to as “montages”) can produce different results. The Halo Sport headphones utilize fixed electrodes, which are located on the headphone’s bar, placing them directly over the primary motor cortex. While this may be convenient for those who wish to use tDCS for solely for muscle memory, this limits the user them from exploring other placement positions.

We took a different approach and manufactured The Brain Stimulator with free standing electrodes which can be placed anywhere the user desires. From the very beginning, we have always maintained the belief that the customer should be allowed to use tDCS in any manner they so choose and that to limit the customer would be to limit self exploration and creativity.

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