I’m not feeling anything… Am I using my Brain Simulator right?

It’s actually fairly common for individuals using well soaked sponge electrodes to not feel much of anything when engaging in tDCS. Sometimes you may  notice a sensation when first turning on the device, which may fade away over the course of the session. This is due to the cells in your body aligning to allow the current to pass through with less resistance. Additionally, we’ve found that over time the body becomes less sensitive to the feelings associated with tDCS. If you’ve been using tDCS for some time and no longer feel anything, even when replacing the battery, it’s very possible that you’ve just become used to the sensations. We can assure you that there is little to no possibility that your device has “gone bad” as we have individuals who have been using our products for years and still experience all of the wonderful effects that can be associated with tDCS.

If you’re still suspicious that maybe your device isn’t producing current, there’s a simple way that you can test to ensure current is flowing. Install a new battery in your device and remove any electrodes or adapters from the electrode lead wires. While this next part may sound a little weird, it’s completely harmless. Turn the device on and to the lowest setting, and lightly lick the two electrode leads with your tongue. You should feel a slight tingle on your tongue (less than the sensation of licking a 9 volt battery, if you ever did that as a kid).

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