tDCS is so confusing… Where do I start??

Not to worry, we’ve got your back! While tDCS can be confusing at first, it’s really fairly simple and straight forward. First and foremost, we recommend that anyone interested in tDCS read through this FAQ page. We spent a significant amount of time researching and compiling these Q&A’s in hopes that it helps individuals like yourself in your quest to learn more about tDCS. We are always looking to improve this FAQ, so if you can’t find the answer to your question, please submit it at the bottom of this page!

Secondly, you may want to take a look at our “What is tDCS?” page. While you may find some of the information redundant, we’ve attempted to present information on tDCS in a more straight forward and easy to understand manner. Finally, we also recommend reading through Dr. Brent Williams Blog on tDCS, and if you’re looking for information on electrode placements, try This should get you well on your way to understanding more about tDCS.
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