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With our new subscription program you’ll never have to worry about running out of fresh electrode sponges again!

Over time, electrode sponges lose their integrity, leading to uneven current distribution and less effective tDCS sessions. In addition, using degraded sponges can sometimes cause tingling or itching sensations, especially during the start and end of tDCS sessions.

We recommend replacing electrode sponges every few tDCS sessions. However, best results can be obtained by using new sponges for each stimulation session.



These sponge inserts are used to replace the original sponges that come within our sponge electrodes. It’s important to regularly replace your electrode sponges for hygiene purposes, stimulation comfort, and general effectiveness of your tDCS sessions. While sponges can technically be re-used, you will notice they quickly lose their absorption qualities, often leading to splitting and crumbling. This degradation causes uneven current distribution across the surface of the electrodes. Uneven current distribution not only greatly reduces the effectiveness of the electrodes, but can sometimes result in uncomfortable tDCS session. Users have reported effects such as tingling, itching, and sometimes mild stinging at the site of the electrodes. Therefore, it’s a good idea to replace your sponges regularly to ensure your electrodes function properly for optimal tDCS sessions. We suggest replacing electrode sponges every few sessions, with the best results occurring when new sponges are used for each stimulation session.

Additional information

Brand Amrex Electrotherapy
Sponge Size 3×3 inches
Compatible with: 3×3″ Amrex Sponge Electrodes

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