Why are Self-Adhesive Electrodes NOT recommended for tCDS?

We no longer recommend using self-adhesive electrodes with tDCS. The reason we do not recommend self-adhesive is due to the fact that they do not conduct current as well, or as evenly as sponge electrodes. Due to the way self-adhesive Electrodes are manufactured, there’s often a high potential for current to collect, or concentrate, on a specific location on the electrode’s surface. This concentration of current creates what’s known as a “Hot Spot,” causing high current density which can result in an uncomfortable session, or even skin irritation. While Hot Spots do not always happen, sponge electrodes are by far the safest and most effective option for use with tDCS. Additionally, you can further practice “safe-tDCS” by always using an electrode positioning headband(s) (we offer small and large tDCS headbands), to ensure that the entire electrode makes contact with the targeted area.

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